Should Roma youth be targeted by Europe for integration into mainstream society?

  • Yes, but not forcing it.

    The young people of the Roma nation probably should be invited into main stream society because they are looking for more rights and privileges but they should not be forced into denying their heritage. There should be some program for helping them to blend both worlds so that they can keep some identity and still work in the system.

  • Youth Are Most Impressionable Aspects of Society

    Youth in general are the most impressionable and most malleable aspects of society in general. If Europe is to make any headway to modernize the Roma, they'll need to convince the youth of that ethnic group to move forward and embrace modern culture. Older men and women are more set in their ways, but kids are easier to change because they are more eager to learn new things.

  • Yes, they would be more productive.

    Yes, Roma youth should be targeted for integration into the society of greater Europe, but it should only be in a fashion that provides them opportunity. The Roma youth should not be taught to abandon their culture. Rather, through opportunities for education and integration, they should be able to choose a better life for themselves and for all of Europe.

  • Why Does Everything have to be Mainstream?

    The problem is we tend to try to make people think the same. People are not all the same. Yes, the vast majority of people like to be on the same page as everyone else. There is a minority of people who do not agree with mainstream society and all of it's corruptness. As long as they are not hurting no one. Then let them be who they want to be.

  • They will integrate on their own.

    No, Roma youth should not be targeted by Europe for integration into mainstream society, because no government can force a particular culture on a group of people. The Roma youth should appreciate their own heritage while being encouraged to get an education and find ways to contribute to their role in society.

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