Should Roman Catholicism come back to Britain?

Asked by: NewSoul95
  • There are mixed views

    It should come back, as then catholics would be accepted once again, but it should not be forced into people, they should still have free will to choose what religion they are, and not be forced to do anything, or pass any laws dependant on one religion. But it should come back, so people who are secretly catholic can be open about it.

  • Yes, it is a good religion.

    Yes, Roman Catholicism should come back to Britain, because it is a good religion that encourages many people. The tenants of Roman Catholicism are good, and the religion encourages people to serve others and live an ethical life. This would be a good establishment to have in Britain, and Britain should welcome it back.

  • Only if Religious Freedom Dictates Such a Move

    In Great Britain, the Church of England (Anglican) dominates the landscape. Some Presbyterian churches are there as well. The Catholic church has been largely ignored since Henry VIII. The Roman Catholic church should come back to Britain, but only if enough people are interested in forming churches. The monarchy won't accept such a move, but there are nearly 9 million Catholics in the country, about 13 percent of the population. The Catholic church is there, just in a minority. It already is back in many respects.

  • Are you serious?

    Great Britain is a modern civilized country.
    We should be working on becoming an atheist country.
    I don't want to live in a country that has everyone sucking up to a fictional character. Like geeks.
    We should be looking to the future. Not the past.
    Religion is stupid and pointless and we should be working on removing it. The pope only wants your money. It will also only make the relation between Northern Ireland and the republic of Ireland worse.

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