• Yes I Think So

    I Think That They Should. I Sneak My Rubik's Cubes Into School And Wait Until 3erd Period, Because She Lets Us Get Them Out. I Can Solve One And Everyone Brings Then To Me And I Solve Them Causeing A Distraction all around, so im not so shure. So Yea.

  • You should bring cubes to school.

    Rubik's cubes, Not RubiX, Should be allowed in school, Most people will say that it will distract the students from their learning and cubing is very noise. First of all, If the teacher is there, Why won't she just tell the student to put it in? And second of all, Yes some cubes are very noisy, But some cubes ARE actually really quiet. People will say that it's just a toy, Yes it is, But this is a toy like no other, It improves hand to eye coordination, Memorization of algorithms, Hand movement speed, Etc. It's just a toy, But this toy can actually improve life, It also helps in thinking fast if the time is almost up, Since cubers always try to beat their personal best! Rubik's cubes are also a great conversation starter, It helps to get friends, You can also teach your friend, It's that simple! And for one thing that probably all of you can agree on, Rubik's cubing is addictive, So it will probably be the best for your child rather than letting him sit on the couch every day playing video games.

    Cubing is easy, Just go online and learn, And if you say it's hard, Then it's saying that you don't have the determination to do it, That's what makes you weak!

    So pick up a Rubik's cube and have fun!

  • They probably should be allowed

    Rubik's cubes should be allowed to school, Okay, I know it would cause distractions but then in that case how about we can only use them or play with them when it's a break time?
    Rubik's cubes are complex puzzles which can help us exercise our brain so if students are permitted to use them in break time it would help in understanding what they learned.

  • It trains them to solve the Rubik's cube.

    They are good to train your brain and people like them a lot and people like them as a fiddle toy and also they need to solve it many times so they can learn by heart how to solve the Rubik's cube and sometimes it is easy for your Rubik's cube to be taken away.

  • Brilliant stress reliever

    I sneak it into class and play with it. A lot of my friends have rubrics cube. It is very fun to play with and is awesome. A lot of people from my class also know how to solve 3x3 4x4 5x5, ghost cubes, rainbow cubes, pyramid cubes, and i only know how to solve a 3x3

  • They're epic and cool

    The only reason people don't like them at school is because they are either stupid as butt and can't solve them or are just lazy and cant be bothered to learn. Anything about them as a weapon is bogus. I flippin' pencil would be more dangerous than a cube. If you have a problem with a harmless toy that exercises the brain, then your an idiot, plain and simple.

  • They should be aloud

    You can solve math problems in seconds with just one step, multiplying. But there are 43 Quintilian different combinations on the Rubiks cube You cannot solve this cube by just randomly turning it. It uses lots of brain power patience and even sum skill you use more brain power to solve cubes than to solve a multiplication problem!

  • Allow cubes in schools

    I think they should allow Rubik's cubes in schools because some kids need something to fidget with and Rubik's cubes can also be educational. In Japan there is a school that has a class where you build a Rubik's cube then learn how to solve them. This is why schools should have Rubik's cubes

  • Puzzle and brain-teaser

    I wait until lunch. The school day ends at 14:15. Also causes a distraction and it is hard puzzle. Ok puzzle. One time someone’s rubik’s cube (3x3x3) got taken away. Sometimes causes a distraction but best puzzle. Rubik’s cubes should be allowed at school, but it can cause a distraction

  • They are educational

    Sometimes during classes, students like to fidget with something which in my experience would often be like a fidget spinner or a fidget cube but a Rubik's cube can replace both of them for it it much more educational and safe than a fidget spinner and helps you think better than a fidget cube.

  • Rubiks cube distraction

    It is a goddammn distraction.One MYTH is THAT IT DOES NOT MAKE YOU BETTER IN MATH OR ANY SUBJECTS!The Rubiks cube is a distraction only.From home to school and everywhere.School is a place to learn real subjects not to play some toy.Once,a boy in my class brought a speed cube and influenced everyone.Now,I am the only guy who can't solve cube and does not have one

  • None in School

    Why do parents send us (im a student) to school. To get and education. To learn. Our parents don't send us to school to play with nonsensical little immature toys. Also, other than wasting time, what benefit does the Rubik give us. Not only does it waste our time, but it also distracts us (again im a student) from receiving an important education. It can also get very annoying. If school administration had any sense than not only would Rubik cubes be band but a lot of other things including toy balls, accessories, and more annoying things.

  • No rubiks cubes

    They should not be allowed in schools . I know a boy who had one thrown at his head . Nothing happened but it can be used as a weapon . Not impressed by this silly children's toy . You wont even get a girlfriend or boyfriend if you use . The best form of contraception there is . If you don't want your child having children give them a cube .

  • Rubix Cubes should not be allowed.

    Rubix cubes, although being logical, can distract kids and cause them to not pay attention to the teacher. Sometimes, kids will get frustrated and not want to return to work due to being angry and tempted. Anyway, kids are fine without cubes, that is what recess is for, right? No Cubes At School!

  • NO cubes in school

    They make to much noise and can be distracting to other students. Also the kids that have a Rubik cube are not paying attention to the class and the teacher. Really there are no learning to kids with Rubik cubes. I sit next to one . They get annoying they are from the 80-'s leave them there

  • Becuase it is distracting

    Becuase it is distracing to me
    plus my teacher always takes it and messes with it
    i think that all taoys like kendammas should be banned at school. The teachers hate it . I dont ave one but if i did i would keep it at home not take it to school

  • Its just plain annoying

    Other people may argue that they aren't that loud. Well, ok, then I guess I CAN HEAR THE CLICKING FROM THE OTHER SIDE OF THE ROOM isn't loud. Playing with a Rubik's Cube in the middle of class is about the equivalent of playing on your iPhone in the middle of 3rd period. It's distracting, obnoxious, and loud.

  • A talking Rubiks cube is probably sent by Pinhead.

    As any reasonably sophisticated viewer of B-horror movies should know, a Rubiks cube that speaks aloud is almost certainly sent by Pinhead and his cohorts. Such a dangerous puzzle should by no means be permitted in any school, as it could lead to people loosing a great deal of face.

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