Should Rubixs Cubes and other brands of cubes be allowed in schools?

  • Its a toy

    There is nothing wrong with Rubik's Cubes. If people enjoy them, then they should be allowed to bring them. However, if it becomes a distraction during the class, then the teacher can decide to ban students from playing with them in the classroom, along with any other toys or distractions.

  • It's the teacher's choice.

    If the teacher deems that they are distracting, then they can be banned in their individual classrooms. Banning them from the school is stupid because they're not harmful and a strong argument can be made for the fact that they teach logic and math skills. Personally, I enjoy fiddling with them and don't think they should be banned.

  • Well, there's really no problem with them

    I like the playing with the fascinating cubes myself, and it's just overall fun. It provides me a challenge, when the actual school assignments don't. It also eases my ADHD. I find that when I fiddle with it while listening to a teacher talk, it soothes me. So yes, they should be allowed

  • Ruining my education!

    Everyday me and my friends show up to school dreading having to listen to to clicked of Rubixs cubes all day! Even my teachers have given up on yelling at the students. My friend has spoken to my prince but no changes have been made. We are having a crisis! Even my teachers are having nightmares about these silly cubes! They are supposed to be challenging and educational but they are ruining my education! I have started a petition to get them banned in my country but I have only gotten 20 signatures:( I can’t wait to go off to highschool away from all the cubers!

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