Should rulers today follow Niccolo Machiavelli's "The Prince?" Is it better for a ruler to be feared or loved?

  • Feared or loved

    I believe it is better to be loved because if you are a ruler and you want people to stand by you, you would want them to love you. If you want them to stand by you when they fear you, they might turn against you and then you would not know what to do. But I also believe that you should be feared because if you are feared and you would want people to do something for you they would do it because since they fear you they might be afraid that you would give them a punishment.

  • Feared or loved

    I say yes and I believe its better to be feared because even if you are loved, yeah people will support you, but once times get too hard and dangerous, its very possible they will turn on you. But if they fear you, they will be too frightened to turn on you. That's just my opinion, but I would rather be feared than loved

  • Feared or Loved

    Personally, I think there is a positive side to both. If you are loved, things you support could be easily passed. Also, if you are loved it would be easier to get re-elected. Being feared can be good because other leaders would not want to turn on you. That is why I think being loved and feared is a good thing.

  • Feared or Loved

    I feel as if it is better to be feared rather than loved. Why I say that is because when you are feared mostly everyone will be by your side and give you their loyalty. When you are loved times will get hard and they wont be there for you. Also if you are feared the people will be feared to turn on you.

  • Feared or loved

    I think that rulers today should follow Niccolo Machiavelli's "The Prince." It's hard to choose whether you would want to be feared or loved but I think I would rather be feared. If you are feared you are more likely to have more respect from people. Also they might listen to you more and not take advantage of you. So therefore it is better to be feared then loved.

  • Loved Or Feared?

    I think its better to be feared because if your feared they will listen to you and take your commands I think if your loved your being too soft on the people and this would not ready them for what may be ahead of them because they think the leader will always be there for him but if your feared the people can rely on themselves and not the leader

  • Feared or loved

    I feel like rulers nowa days already do follow Maachiavelli's "The Prince". For example Barak Obama is loved because he was elected the first time to become president and the second time he was reelected and stayed as president. Many other leaders follow these ways and I feel if all leaders would follow this everyone's lives would be easier.

  • "feared or loved"

    I think rulers today should follow Machiavelli's "The Prince" because I honestly believe that it would help them. At the same time I think rulers today are using it because some rulers try to be loved to get voted back in to office and some are trying to be feared so that they don't get taken out. So I think they are following it today.

  • Feared or Loved

    I think it would be better to feared than lover. If you are feared people will not want to mess with you. They will want to serve you and make you happy. If you are loved the people you are following you will leave you at the sight of danger. I will fear the person attacking you and they will follow them.

  • Feared or Loved

    Machiavelli's "The Prince" asked the question if it is better to be feared or loved, he said feared and I totally agree with him. If you are feared by your country they aren't gonna step out of line and act out. But if you were loved people would most likely think they could get away with more stuff. Think about how parents treat kids, if a parent is stern the child is less likely to act up. The opposite is with a parent that is to lenient. The kid will act out more.

  • It is better to be loved.

    I think that it is better to be loved. If someone loves you they would do anything not to hurt you or get you in any kind of trouble. Its a lot easier to trust someone you love rather than trust someone you that you fear. In my opinion I would rather be loved.

  • Feared or Loved

    I think that you should be both feared and loved, If you have the right amount of respect, being "feared" people will listen to you but will push your buttons to see hat they can get away with, But if you're loved you will also be respected as a "friend."

  • Feared or Loved

    I believe that it is better to be loved than feared because if you are feared and you are in trouble people wont want to help you. If you are loved and you are in trouble people won't just stand there and look at you they will help instead. So in the end I think that it is better to be loved than feared.

  • Feared or Loved

    I think that it is better to be loved than feared because if you are feared people won't want to help you if you ate in trouble. If you are loved and you are in trouble people will more likely want to help you instead of standing there and just looking at you get beat. So in the end I think it is better to be loved than feared

  • Feared or loved

    I personally feel it is not really better to be either of them over the other one. I feel it is good to be a little feared yet a little loved at the same time. If you are feared a little it will help you keep control so you don't get run all over and if you are loved a little people will also like you and want you to be a leader or friend yet not mess with you.

  • Feared or loved

    I feel that it is really not good to me only one of them I feel it is better to be a combination of both of them to be stronger. If you have a little bit of both you should be stronger because if you are a little feared you will have some control and not be hated but if you are loved a little to you be liked yet not being walked all over so I feel it is better to be a little of both feared and loved.

  • Love over fear

    Feared or loved, I think that’s a leader should be loved. If he is loved people that are closer to you may fight harder and longer for you. I think that if your feared people may try to dis obey you or do things behind your back. I reason I say loved if someone thinks of you as family most the time you will die fighting for your family. If you are feared maybe you will just try to show you’re trying so you don’t get beaten or punished in anyways. Truthfully I would fight for someone I loved before I would some I feared despite the consequence. I see people that fight for their family till there last breath but I have never see anyone give everything they have till death to help the person they feared. I see it as yes people may obey what feared leaders say but that doesn’t win wars or battles, it wins control. If they all loved him and still to orders because he’s the king I think they would fight harder and train harder to try and save that person and what they stand for.

  • Feared or Loved?

    While you rule it is possible to have the people love you and not turn on you any chance they get because they think your guard is down. If you are loved by the people you rule over the chances are that when you need it they will stand by, and protect you. It seems that all of you who say that is better to be feared rather than loved because everyone is going to stab you in the back. You all seem to think that being loved is a giant weakness and the people will take advantage of that, but in reality if you are hated then your people will be more inclined to stab you in the back any chance that they get. People are cruel and some of them will still try to stab you in the back even if you are loved by them but the majority won't because they won't see a reason to.

  • The invention of the Sniper Rifle:

    If some idiot, end up in charge of a country and tries to rule with an iron fist/do whatever he likes. That leader, could be assassinated by just about any idiot with a basic sniper rifle from a distance. Simple fact is modern leader can not risk, being feared/hated rulers it has become to easy for them to be killed, they are only human.

    The Recent Regime collapses in Egypt/Libya/Ongoing in Syria, show people who are no longer afraid to fight back against oppressive governments, if you push people too far they will fight back.

  • Read "The Prince" before you say Yes

    Before answering this question you need to read "The Prince" because if you know what he was espousing you would not answer in the way that you have. In The Prince Machiavelli states that "Conquests by "criminal virtue" are the best ways to secure power, through cruel, immoral deeds, such as the execution of political rivals." In addition he believed that "A prince is also praised for the illusion of being reliable in keeping his word. A prince, therefore, should only keep his word when it suits his purposes." Here is a brief description from Wikipedia.Com.

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lailadag says2016-11-27T17:21:25.187
Would you rather be lead by a feared or loved leader? I think it would be better to be a bit of both, feared and loved. Being both feared and loved as a leader is important, however in some ways one is more important than the other.

Being feared is effective because people will listen to you and follow your rules, but you don’t want to be feared in every situation. There are times when a ruler should be loved by his followers, a time where they need to see the good in the leader in order to believe in them. A leader shouldn’t go so far as to be only loved and not feared however, because they won’t be respected or thought of as a strong ruler who can properly redirect or discipline his country as needed. Every leader should be kind enough to take power and lead, but be harsh enough to keep that power.

Being a harsh leader with no kindness at all can end very badly. A very good example to show us what this leader’s ending would be like is Adolf Hitler. Many researches and studies have proven that Hitler is never praised for the history he made, he is only judged and remembered for doing something that can not be forgiven. He was a heartless leader and what he did showed us that he was harsh and that only led to his ugly story being left behind with nothing good to be remembered.

The Prophet Muhammad - peace be upon him - is a perfect example to demonstrate how a leader should act towards his followers in everything. A leader is supposed to be a good role-model for the citizens in his nation and that was what the Prophet -pbuh- did. He treated people equally, and he was never unfair with his treatment towards anyone. This was evident in his home with his wives and daughters, he treated them all equally, brought joy to their hearts and never ever would he upset them. He was very modest and would speak to his people in a quite and understanding manner, as well as he would share their joys and their sorrows, despite god choosing him to deliver his message.

To sum up and conclude, I believe a leader who is feared, will only be obeyed because of this fear and the followers will feel forced to commit to the orders, while a citizens who follows their loved leader will do the job willingly and out of love. Therefore a leader with a caring, kind, yet a sharp personality would be best to rule.

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