• Sure - They Do It To Each Other

    Yes, rumors about politicians should be reported. It’s only fair – as long as politicians insist on acting like children by resorting to name calling and finger pointing, it’s only fair to return the favor. If the media gets wind of a rumor regarding a politician they should report on it immediately. Then that particular politician can take some time away from airing rumors about his fellow candidates to do damage control of his own. The whole campaign thing has become nothing but a soap opera of rumors and name calling. It’s actually disgusting to see and hear the depths adults have stooped to when it comes to politics.

  • Yes, the public should know

    Politicians are placed in a position in which their personal integrity is important because they are setting themselves up as people qualified to make decisions for the rest of us. If those of us in the public are expected to lead honest lives then so also should they. It's important for the public to know when a politician is involved in illegal or immoral behaviors so that they can make better choices in their leaders. If politicians are shielded from public scrutiny some would use that opportunity to lead lives that none of us could respect.

  • No

    The rumors should not be reported if they are only rumors. If they have some type of basis behind them then I do think that they should be told to the public. If they are just rumors than that is unfair to the public because they are forming an uneducated opinion.

  • No, it draws attention away from more important issues

    Reporting rumors has replaced actual news stories in the United States media. The public is so obsessed with various rumors and sex scandals involving politicians that they fail to recognize and understand more important problems that loom over the country. If the reporting of rumors was discontinued then news stations would be forced to provide actual news instead of flimsy sensationalized lies that lead to huge distortions within our political system. I would much rather there be no news than continue to see the American public be misled by rumors.

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