Should running away by juveniles be illegal?

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  • Family Issues Not A Justic System Matter

    While children that run away can be a serious matter, I do no believe we should have any laws enacting pertaining to the problem. Children can run away for varying reasons, distances, and amounts of time. For the most part, this is a family matter that the parents and child need to address at home.

  • Running Away from Home Should not Be A Crime

    Should running away by juveniles be illegal? No, running away should should not be illegal, nor should it ever be necessary or considered normal and okay. Children run away for many reasons, some justifiable, some not. The act of running away is apt to put them in danger though in some cases they ran away to escape danger. Rather than charging runaways as criminals if they are found, they should be held [out of their home] as persons at risk and their entire circumstances investigated by police and social workers to decide on the best course of action. If it is found that an actual crime has been committed [other than the act of running away] either by them or victimizing them, then charges should be filed. If no crime is discovered, the child could possibly be returned to the home but not without a plan of counseling in place external to the home and involving the child's guardians, to address the issues that caused the child to run away.

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