• I come from the UK myself, and I say yes!

    The Phone Hacking trials are serious. Brooks and the others who hacked were working for Murdoch. As Murdoch is the head of his giant corporate monopoly, he should be held accountable at all costs. The owner is responsible for the actions of himself/herself and his/her employees and companies. If Murdoch is not held accountable, more problems will happen.

  • Heading up a company means taking responsibility

    One major reason that CEOs and executives make their large salaries is because they are the ones who must take responsibility for their companies. They are the person in power who cannot play ignorant or excuse their actions or the actions of their company by foisting responsibiity on a lack of knowledge or an inability to know. The very fact that Murdoch is unaware of his agency's actions is reason for him to take responsibility and be accountable for its actions.

  • Are They Really Gaffes

    I think it is more to do with giving false information to get people to hate people with differing points of view. Everyone makes gaffes, and I would say for the most part, his news agency spreads misleading reports on purpose. Gaffes are something people apologize for, later saying they had the wrong info. I have never seen any of the people who work for him do this.

  • Yes, Rupert Murdoch should have to responsibility

    Once, there was a great US President named Harry Truman that had a sign on his desk that read, "The Buck Stops Here". As the leader of his news organization in Great Britain, Mr. Murdoch should have the "Buck" stop with him. It is pretty clear that the spying of celebrities and other gaffes ran pretty deep in his company.

  • No Fault Management

    I do not believe Murdoch should be held accountable for the misconduct of his subordinates unless he was at least aware that the misconduct was taking place. I do not believe that encouraging an environment where misconduct takes place is a basis for accountability. I do not believe that if he didn't know he should of is grounds for accountability. But I hope Murdoch is accountable for something.

  • His workers not him

    No, I do not think that he should be held responsible for the events that happened in Great Britian, since it was not him that caused it, it was his workers. He did not mean for it to happen, and they did it completely without him knowing what was going on.

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