Should Rupert Murdoch sell his British news agencies amid recent scandals?

  • Rupert Murdoch should sell his British news agencies amid recent scandals.

    Rupert Murdock should sell his British news outlets because of the scandals involving his tabloids. It is clear that his reporters crossed the line by using wire taps. Murdoch may not have known about this, but he is responsible for his companies, and he should do everything he can to fix the situation.

  • Force a sale and kick him out.

    What Rupert Murdoch's global publications and television offerings have done to the level of public discourse in the world is shameful. What his British publications did as far as spying, wiretapping and eavesdropping to manufacture scandal should have landed him and his top editors in prison. But since that didn't happen, he should be forced to sell his British publications.

  • Murdoch should step back

    I am firmly in the favor of Rupert Murdoch stepping away from the British news agencies of his that are causing such scandal. I think that someone of his power and stature, he should be able to not attract that sort of controversy. A lot of people owe their jobs to him.

  • No he should not have to sell

    Rupert Murdoch built his empire from the ground. I don't see a reason to make him sell any of it because of the scandals that have been going on. Time will pass and the scandals will pass. Costing him millions of dollars should not be a result of the scandals.

  • He is scandalous.

    No, Rupert Murdoch should not sell his British news agencies amid recent scandals, because we all know that Murdoch is a bit shady and that he pushes things that are unethical. Murdoch should be willing to pay the price if it is proven that he has anything to do with breaking the law. But he has a right to own the businesses he wants.

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