• The reason they banned adoptions is because of the Magnitsky Act

    The Magnitsky Act was created by the USA which banns certain Russian criminals from entering the States. To counter this all political parties agreed to make a counter-Magnitsky Act in honour of Dima Yakovlev. This child was adopted by an American family who locked him in a hot vehicle for several hours. The Bill also allows Russia to detain and imprison American's thought of kidnapping and abusing Russian citizens. If America is exercising its power to stop Russian criminals from passing into its borders, than Russia is definitely allowed to propose a bill that banns adoptions.

  • I was born in Russia

    I came to the US with my family at age 5. Life was horrible in Russia and our family was poor and didn't have money. A lot of the children in the orphanges are horribly treated. Biological parents often drunk and beat their children (one of the reasons we left is because some relatives were alcoholic) and literally life was horrid.

  • Think of the Children-In the Eyes of a 15 yr. Old Girl

    I know that it is highly unlikely that we can set aside the government and focus on the well being of these kids. For Christ's sake, these kids are not baseball cards!!! They can't be used as negotiation or retaliation between two countries. These are human beings who are helpless and thrown around as if they have no voice of their own. If they find happiness with an American family, if they finally find love with someone not from their country, who is Vladimir Putin to say, "No, you can't go."
    The US and Russia are basically hormonal teenage girls trying to get back at each other for getting in trouble with their mommies. Russia has taken it too far. Sergei Magnitsky, a 47-year-old lawyer, was abused and beaten to death. Yes, he did commit fraud, but prison sentences are a more suitable punishment for embezzlement than death! The Russian officials who assaulted him are getting their panties in a wad because their assets in the United States are frozen and they can't come into the country. What did they expect? A bouquet of roses and a bear hug for killing somebody? No! They are criminals, too, and DESERVE to be punished. The Magnitsky Act is protecting people like Sergei, and rightly so. People do horrendous things all the time, but no amount of money in the world is equal to a life.
    This ban was supposedly retaliation for the Magnitsky Act, but guess what? These kids haven't done ANYTHING to deserve this. This isn't even an eye for an eye, though of course things shouldn't be handled like that, I am trying to point out that this situation has become more primitive than that. Actually, according to a missionary organization that aids Russian children, 9 out of 10 of the teens who get booted out of orphanages at the ages of 15 or 16 (without any further guidance) fall into the clutches of prostitution and crime. So these numbers will rise with more kids out on the street: more competition, right? How are all these unadopted children, who would've had a better chance of survival, going to pull through after being taken care of so long and suddenly left out on their own? It baffles me how anyone thought this was a good idea.
    One of the big retorts on the pro side is that over 300 Russian adoptee deaths have been reported. This number is highly fabricated, and plain ridiculous. I understand that horrible parents neglect their children, but, although I feel awful saying this, out of the 60,000 children that have been adopted since 1994, this number is relatively low. My heart goes out to these dear children. There are some crazy parents out there who can't take care of you, but there are many more who would love to have you. In Russia, they wouldn't be presented with as good of an opportunity to succeed in life without crime. Please think of the kids.

  • Russia is Harming Their Own Children to Retaliate

    Very mature, Russia. Now more of your own children will spend their lives in orphanages because your corrupt politicians felt the need to retaliate against the US decision to prosecute some of your human rights abusers for murder should they come to the US. Russia cares more about it's ability to abuse its own citizens than it does about the welfare of its children. I seriously hope the Russians are noticing and that they will decide they have had enough!

  • It Would Be Stupid To Ban Adoption

    I think it is a dumb idea for Russia to ban adoption to the U.S. There are thousands of people in the states that adopt every year due to not being able to have kids or just wanting to add another member to their family. Another downside to this move is people who work in the adoption field losing jobs. This just is not a smart move at all.

  • The ban is purely political and only hurts orphans.

    Despite some unfortunate isolated incidents, the United States remains one of the best countries in the world where an orphan could find a new home. The adoption system and regulations are some of the best in the world. The ban on adoptions to the US by Russia is nothing more than a political retaliation against new regulations passed by the US. Unfortunately the only ones punished are innocent orphans.

  • No, that would lessen their chances of a good life.

    For all of our problems, the U.S. still has wonderful people who are able to give good lives to children from Russia, as well as around the world. I fail to understand why parents are so anxious to help children from other countries when there are so many in our own country who need homes. However, it is their choice and if they are good candidates, Russia should be happy that there are people so loving and willing to care for their orphans.

  • No.

    Russian should not ban children from being adopted to the US. Although in recent years their population has been declining, and there has been one major incident in an adoption preventing adoptions would be unkind of Russia. Russian orphanages are usually in terrible conditions, and a majority of children that live in them have developmental or emotional issues. To prevent parents that are dying to have children from adopting these children would be cruel to the parents and the children.

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