• The orphans of the world need more people to love them.

    As long as their is someone who wants to raise and love a child, and can raise that child in a nurturing, safe and loving environment then they should be allowed to. Since the US has the resources, healthcare, and facilities to raise educate and empower a child in need then there should be no ban on that. We are becoming more and more a global community and such should do our best to reach out and help everyone we can.

  • Anyone should be able to adopt any child as long as they provide a good home

    The world is shrinking and our community is expanding. This calls for us to do good towards our neighbors near and far. This includes the children. Americans should be allowed to adopt Russian children because they may be able to provide a good home for them. There should be stipulations(such as prior convictions, financial debt, etc.) that should be in place that help discover potentially good parents.

  • No, Russia should not ban U.S. adoptions.

    Putin is sacrificing thousands of children for his own political agenda. The people of Russia should be outraged, and should drum him out of office. He is denying children the chance at a better life because his feelings were hurt. It's Draconian, and he should be deeply ashamed of himself, as should anyone who supports him.

  • No They Shouldn't

    Putin is a monster who is sacrificing the well-being of his nation's children for the sake of politics. Then again Russia would have a working foster care system if he really cared and wouldn't be warehousing children in orphanages. All this because the US has the audacity to declare that Russian human rights abusers will be arrested and tried for their crimes against humanity if they come into our borders. Instead of changing his policies about human rights he commits another human rights violation.
    PS, 2 posts in "Yes" are actually "No". Read the question next time.

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