• Yes, it would be good

    McDonald's has made so many people in America and Australia overweight. Even though there are other fast food restaurants in both countries and it is the peoples choice what they eat, it has grown into the culture so that unhealthy eating is accepted. Without this i think Russia would be much better of.

  • Yes I do

    Food is like a drug to some people, and drugs are banned. So, if Russia feels Mickey D's has no place in Russia, then so be it. Fast food has long been labeled "bad for you" we talk about it, we see it and we partake while reasoning, we aren't fat or I work out and this is my cheat day. Good for Russia for doing something instead of just saying something.

  • No, it would do no good.

    Despite their public reasoning that McDonalds may be unhealthy, the strained relationship between the United States and Russia would prove that banning McDonald's would only be done as a political statement. This would not affect the United States at all given McDonald's truly international presence, and would harm Russia receiving income from the popular fast-food giant. Banning McDonald's would only harm Russia in the long run.

  • No, Russia should not banish McDonalds

    I do not believe Russia should banish McDonalds. McDonalds is a brand that is known world wide, and should be available for tourists who are visiting Russia. Having a place to go where you are familiar and feel comfortable with makes you more likely to travel to those countries. When you are unsure what you can eat, you are less likely to want to visit.

  • No, international interdependence keeps the peace.

    According to Pulitzer Prize winning author Thomas L. Friedman, two nations that have a McDonald's in them will not go to war. This is because they are economically interdependent. Each nation's economic interests will be valued above its political interests. After all, the root of many international conflicts are economic. Even though this seems oversimplified, multinational corporations that increase profit in Russia help keep conflict at bay.

  • Russia takes a stance in response to American sanctions

    No, shouldn't banish McDonald's. This policy was Russia's reaction to sanctions implemented by the US and did not produce the economic hit the Russians were hoping for. Russia began banning McDonald's in response to US sanctions against Russia for its involvement in the Ukraine, but have recently reopened some of there closings. For the most part, it seems this retaliatory policy against McDonald's was a bid to get this large company to put pressure on the US government to remove sanctions against Russia, but has had little effect.

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Mike01506 says2014-10-21T12:56:13.017
Everyone should ban it.