Should Russia be disallowed from hosting any more international sporting games such as the Olympics?

Asked by: said_it_all
  • They have shown us their lack of sportsmanship.

    It wasn't just seen in the recent Sochi Olympics. Even in previous competitions, Russian judges have seemingly been more skewed towards that of their own nationality. When corruption within the sporting arena is so rampant, it is even more important to disallow them from marring the international platform where athletes try their best to bring glory for their country and make their mark in history and in the world. What Russia has showed us is that they are biased in their judgment, and that they are corrupt, which is not acceptable in the sporting world, where diplomatic relations can also be formed.

  • Give them a second chance

    We have no idea what Russia will be like the next time they hold an Olympics however many years from now. Take Germany, in 1936 they held the Olympics despite being under Nazi and under much scrutiny control and even so were given the next opportunity in 1972 to hold the Olympics. If judging is a problem or the fear of favoring, the the IOC should do something to fix that, not necessarily the host country.

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kbub says2014-03-12T14:15:17.047
Um, I don't think one gets a repeat at hosting the Olympics very often... (USA aside...)

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