• Not to revert, but to evolve

    Russia should evolve towards communism. Unlike the 1917. When it was poor in living standard, infrastructure, industry and education, now it became one of the most powerful energy exporter. Technology and r&d Russia can have, and nuclear fusion tech. Combined with vast resources and great agriculture could help communist find a better way into the future. Off course, not by blind obedience to old Leninist dogmas, but with complete understanding of the political philosophy of the left, (Marx, etc...) and understanding of human psychology and biological urges. Knowing that they could create a communism 2.0 social system where a private property and business would be not managed, but controlled by the state tax and revenue services, not for merely taxation but to prevent trusts, monopolies and corruption of elected representatives of the people. Progressive taxation would create the abundance in the budget that would be codified as the "National dividend" where all citizens would be entitled to a equal share of the state income, being the ones that create the state, the market, and are the physical and intellectual working force that make production, trade and earning possible. That could be the first phase in the road to the economic liberation of human kind.

  • Yes they should

    They would prosper more under a communist rule than under the unfair unequal capitalist society. Communism is a far better system of politics than other forms of politics. They could have stronger military and a stronger economy. I know i would support them and even move there if america does not become communist

  • Russia Should Not Become Communist

    No, Russia should not become Communist again as Soviet Communism brought about many atrocities against its own people and nearly caused World War III. Granted, the current Russian government is also committing atrocities, but that does not mean that returning to a previously also broken form of government would be any better.

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