• Yes, I think it should.

    Yes, I think that Russia should cut government spending by 10% to help its economy because Russia is already a poor country they should be saving every dollar they have to put towards the economy. I love Russia and it is a beautiful place but I hate what they have done with Ukraine.

  • Under Normal Economic Theory, This Should Help

    It is difficult to know if such a cut in spending will help the Russian economy. The big problem is that no one knows what the true numbers are since Putin is pretty much making it up as he goes along. It does show issues when the billionaries and oligarchs are struggling, but is it really excess government spending that is hurting the Russian economy? Or is it just terrible mismanagement?

  • Russia Should Cut Spending

    Russia is in serious economic trouble and needs to cut spending. It is funding foreign wars in attempt to rebuild a dead empire. While it is doing this, its people are going cold and hungry during the winter. Putin needs to get back to reality and help his country prosper.

  • Yes, Russia should cut government spending

    After seeing the incredible hubris with which Vladimir Putin approached the situation in the Ukraine, it's hard to imagine that he will have the good sense to properly manage his country's current economic crisis. But if he is sensible about it, he will consider substantial cuts to government spending, otherwise how will the nation and the government continue to function?

  • If its good for America ...

    We have been told in the US that government spending is good for the economy ( remember the stimulus). So if it is good for America then why wouldn't it be good for Russia. If the Russian government increased their spending then their economy will flourish. ( If you don't believe me just ask President Obama)

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