Should Russia give equal rights to gay people as they do to straight people?

  • Yes they should

    It is not fair that people can't have the same rights just because they or you is different. Just look at this I am not the same as you but we both should have the same rights. And plus God made it so we can be different grime each other.

  • You don't need to agree with it. It's not your life.

    I understand that homosexuality is not a widely accepted concept in Russia. I respect their opinion, and I also understand it to be mostly cultural. I believe that everyone is entitled to their opinion, but nobody should dictate how others live their lives. It is really none of your business if your neighbor/friend/coworker is gay. Your life, your choice, none of my business, none of Putin's business.

  • Yes they should

    I think that gay people should have the same rights as straight people. It is nobodys business if someone if gay or straight, but everyone should at least have the same basic freedoms. I think Russia should give equal rights to gay people. I think that America, and everywhere else, needs to give equal rights to gay people.

  • I Believe We All Should

    I believe Russia should extend the same basic rights to people who identify as homosexual. I believe we are making a mistake by making so many judgments about people. People should have the right to make whatever decisions about their personal relationships they want to. They should not be judged by their government.

  • Homosexuals should have equal rights in Russia

    Russia should be willing to grant equal rights to homosexuals and be accepting of homosexuals as people. The Russian people should no longer discriminate against these people and they should be accepted as members of society with no stigma attached to them. Homosexuals should not be treated as nonhuman or subhuman and should not be faced with hate when they come out. Russians should not allow so much hate to be spewed about homosexuals.

  • Russia More Hardline Than America!

    Just as with China's human rights violations leading up to the 2008 Summer Olympics, Russia has had difficulties with the rights of gays leading up to the 2014 Winter Olympics. Russia should give equal rights to gays just as they do straight people, but unfortunately there are other pressing matters that draw the attention of Vladimir Putin and his government. He has to deal with his neighbors going through tough times (The Ukraine) and a revolution in his own backyard (Chechnya) and a possible missile shield in the rest of Europe. Gay rights are far down the list of Putin's agenda.

  • Yes they should.

    Vlad claims that he is trying to protect him people from rapist and other kinds of creeps, claiming that gay people fall into that category. They should be treated just as other people are treated and given fair and equal rights, because they are still humans not monsters for what they feel.

  • Yes they should.

    Gay people are just that- people. That is the most important thing to remember and ALL people deserve to have equal rights. It should not matter what color, creed or sexual orientation they are. Russia should give equal rights to gay people but it does not mean they will. But they should!

  • Yes they should!

    I am sick of homophobic people! LOVE IS LOVE! Religion probably is the reason why this country hates LGBT. Gay marriage will NEVER effect any other marriage! Some people are too stupid to know what love is really about! It's NEVER about hating other people! People need to grow up!

  • Keep up the fight Russia! They'll eventually give up! Don't let them win!

    Don't let happen to your country what has happened over here in the US. The gay people forced themselves on us, and they are infiltrating our culture, and infulencing our younger peers into their lifestles which is exactly the oppisite of what we need. Please, Russia, for the sake of all good in Humanity... DO NOT GIVE THEM THEIR RIGHTS!

  • Stop criticising and ridiculing the Russian culture

    Why do you feel the need to discriminate against a culture whose traditions, values and beliefs are ancient, dating back to BC. For many Russians marriage is a sacred tradition, proposing gay marriage in Russia is in effect an insult to their culture, their traditions and everything that they have believed in through out the last millennium. It is not a secret that Russian culture and traditions are connected to religious ideology and beliefs and that they are reflected in their celebrations and what not. That is why it is near to impossible at the moment to change their opinion on the gay marriage issue because it would override the very core of their beliefs. In an ideal world church and state would be separate bodies, but in reality it is hard to separate them when the very core of a country, its traditions, values and culture, are interconnected with the church and have been so for a whole millennia. In reality, gays do have the same rights as everyone in Russia; they have access to food, fresh water, education, shelter, employment, even marriage, when it is to the opposite sex. Nobody can make the statement that gays should have equal rights because they do. In Russia this stands, the government may be conservative and their values may seem strange to the Western world, but people should accept a culture for what it is and not seek to change it because it happens to contrast your own opinion. You talk about equality and acceptance so why can you not accept the Russian people, their beliefs their culture, would you be upset if someone were to make fun of your own culture, I think not. It is in effect hypocritical to ridicule the Russian culture and its beliefs when you are trying to stop the ridicule of gay people. You would not criticise the Indigenous Australian's belief in the Dreamtime, so why do you feel the need to do so with Russians.

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