Should Russia still welcome Americans into their space program given the rising tensions surrounding issues with the Ukraine?

  • Yes They Should

    I believe Russia should still welcome Americans into their space program, even though there are rising tensions due to the problems in the Ukraine. If the United States acts properly we will do nothing to Russia because of what they do in the Ukraine. We should continue working along side them within the space program.

  • Yes, Russa should still welcome Americans into their space program given the tensions surrounding issues in Ukraine.

    Russia should still allow Americans to contribute to their space program even though the governments do not see eye to eye. When dealing with space programs, the world needs to come together regardless of political views. To venture further and safely into space we need to all band together for the greater good.

  • Russia should welcome US

    In spite of the rising tensions with the Ukraine, Russia should still welcome Americans into their space program. The space program is important to both countries and could be a common bridge to communications and working together for the great good of all involved. Russian interests in the Ukraine should not impact on the space program.

  • Russia should not hold a grudge

    Russia should definatley allow the US into it's space program. Just because they did not agree on every single thing does not mean that they can not work together and make the program better. I think it would be beneficial for both Countries and show that although they don't agree all the time they can still cooperate and work through differences.

  • No they shouldn't.

    I believe that it is a narcicistic, Vain and entitled view to believe that Russia should allow America into its space program no matter what they do. The American imposed sanctions have affected the economy and livelihood of Russia and endangered the civilians lives and livelihoods. The belief that America should be allowed in the space program of a country that they are currently in a cold war with is vain and shallow given that America is not even allowing Russian businesses to trade to American people and even denying them even the most basic privliges.

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