• I think it has to now. Look how much violence it has on the gay community. So much persecution

    I don't know much about this put in guy, but what he has done now is very unacceptable. The global world has given Russia negative views. According to the poll, America has strong negative view of that country. Must be one of the human rights Russia have violated. Soon now they'll be known as a neo nazi people

  • The law is discriminatory

    In a 21st century society how can we justify laws lead to misinformation, intolerance and homophobia as well violate the rights of the homosexual community. The laws popularises myths about homosexuality (A poll in April found that 43% of Russians considered homosexuality to be "licentiousness, a bad habit" and 35% said it was an "illness or the result of psychological trauma" which is against the findings of un-biased studies on the causes of homosexuality)

    The laws have prompted a rise homophobic violence. Russian LGTB organisations report that the harassment of gay people is being organised nationally by groups such as ' Occupy Gerontophilia' and 'Occupy Paedophilia', who claim to be trying to "reform" homosexuals. The latter focuses on children.

    Vulnerable teenagers suffer most from homophobia, and have much higher likelihood of committing suicide than their peers. One 15 year old in the north of Russia, said his teachers were openly homophobic, suggesting that LGBT should be exiled or given compulsory medical treatment. Anit-homosexuality laws only encourage such attitudes

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EthicsPhilosopher says2014-02-13T23:29:01.247
They should get all the rights as us. But still it is annoying that every time I get on something like this people are talking about gay rights.....

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