Should Russia suspend all adoptions to Canada because Canada has legalized gay marriage?

  • They have anti-gay legislature

    I am in full support of legalizing same-sex marriage; with that said, Russia should suspend all adoptions to with Canada because Russian laws do not recognize same-sex marriage. The law in Russia states that marriage is between a man and a woman. Therefore, Russia must suspend Canadian adoptions for the sake of continuity.

  • Russia should suspend all adoptions to Canada because Canada has legalized gay marriage.

    Russia should no longer let Canadians adopt from their country. Russia does not recognize homosexual marriages, and it is a violation of their laws to allow a homosexual couple to adopt a baby that is a citizen of Russia. Until Canada changes its law, Russia should suspend all international adoptions with them.

  • Why shouldn't they suspend all adoptions to Canada?

    Russia is their own country and has the right to do what they want. Besides these globalist need to get a fact check from the religious community. Other than that, when did any country lose the right to make their own decisions? Never. We were created with free will and we will always have free will. Simple as that.

  • Sure, let's deprive all these children of loving homes.

    Seriously, Russia... What's your deal? I think you're really taking it too far here. Just because you've decided to wage this apparent War on Homosexuality doesn't mean you have the right to deprive these children of homes. These kids would be much better off with a loving homosexual couple rather than spending their lives in orphanages and foster care. And moreover, you're not just banning adoption for gay Canadian couples, you're banning adoption for ALL Canadian couples?! Russia, you've lost your mind. It's 2013, it's time for a reality check. You seem to be regressing instead of progressing. Get with the program!

  • Russia should grow up.

    I think that what really should happen is that Russia should follow Canadas lead. I think that being a close minded country in this day and age is only going to lead to more backwards and bad ways of thinking that will harm progress and the way that other coutnries feel about you.

  • Russia should follow suit

    Gay marriage is going to be the law of the land soon, and countries that consider themselves to be civilized better shape up, get used to it, and follow suit. Not allowing homosexual couples to get married is a discriminatory practice, and sooner than later it will be considered as natural as anything else - because it is.

  • Gay Marriage Shouldn't Affect Russian Adoptions

    Russia shouldn't suspend its adoptions to Canada simply because the country allows gay marriage. Doing so would be a bigoted and misguided move, and Russia won't even entertain such a notion. In reality, the world is becoming more accepting of gay marriage, and this move won't affect adoption relations between the countries.

  • No this is punishing kids

    The point to adoptions is to provide kids with a better life they don't currently have access to. If a couple is qualified and can give a good life to a child you should not punish them because of their sexual orientation. That couple will find another kid somewhere else, so who you are really hurting by doing this is the child that you denied the adoption for.

  • They should not.

    It would be unfair to a loving couple of the same sex to be denied there own little Russian son or daughter. How would you feel if the government denied you the right to have your child because of your sexual orientation. It heartless and inhuman. In my opinion it is not up to us as humans to judge the sexual of men or women. It is up to God and only God.

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