• We need to abandon Syria.

    Russia needs to get back to socialism. We can't support non-communists like the Syrians. They run contrary to the will of the working class, and are likely to fall. Assad does not look out for the common good, rather he oppresses people. They need a strong leader who watches over his people, like the late Stalin.

  • Yes

    Yes, Russia should withdraw support or at least be neutral. The current regime in Syria is likely to be overthrown and Russia would look bad if they continue to support the Assad regime. Russia would be wise to just wait and see what happens and brown nose up to the next government.

  • Yes. Even Russia has to realize Syria is problematic.

    Although Russia is a very corrupt country, it should not be hard for them to see how backing Syria is problematic and how they will end up on the wrong side of history yet again. A country in which people are continuously stifled for dissent is not one that will make progress, and the Russians will only further alienate themselves with their stance.

  • The Assad regime is a lost cause

    Russia supports Assad in the hopes of keeping Syria as a close ally, but it is increasingly clear that it is only a matter of time before the regime falls. As a result, Russia's aid will be wasted and will likely only antagonize Syria's eventual new government, resulting in the opposite of Russia's intent, a Syria hostile to Russian interests.

  • I think they should

    But I don't think they will, Putin likes to march to his own beat and do whatever he pleases.

    Russia should not be supporting Syria in my opinion, rather they should be taking care of things at home. Russia has been in a terrible state of affairs for many years.

    Instead of worrying about other country's Russia should worry about itself.

  • Hell no. Syria would be complete anarchy.

    Without Russian military support to the Syrian army the country would most probably be overrun by sunni militant islamist groups such as al nusra and isis. Sharia law would be installed everywhere. Russian military support for the government and army is crucial to preserve the secular government and infrastructure. I presume this is an old poll.

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