Should Rutgers have fired basketball coach Mike Rice over abuse?

  • Yes, they should.

    It is my understanding that Mike Rice had gone as far as putting his hands on a player in a hostile like way. In no situation is that ever okay. Coaches need to support and guide the players, not harass them when they do not always do all that great.

  • Yes without doubt Rutgers should have fired Mike Rice for his actions.

    The actions of former Rutgers basketball coach Mike Rice are indefensible. By no stretch of the imagination can Rice's actions in putting his hands on a player (to the level that criminal assault charges could have been filed), using both homophobic and racial slurs in addressing players and his general lack of responsibility in the treatment of his players were grounds for his immediate termination.

  • Yes they should.

    Rutgers should be ashamed of themselves for not firing their coach for what he has done. His actions are more than just a little disgusting and full of shame, and have no belonging in civilized society. He should be canned as soon as possible and it needs to have already happened.

  • Yes, Rutgers needed to fire Rice.

    Yes, I think that former Rutgers men's basketball coach Mike Rice needed to be fired over the video clip that aired on ESPN. Coaches should not be putting their hands on players, and definitely not throwing a basketball at a player during a practice, and due to this extreme incompetence Rice needed to go.

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