• Clueless, careless, classless.

    What an embarrassment. Barchi is at best incompetent and at worst dishonest. He should do the only admiral thing since this began and resign so the Rutgers community can move forward.

    If he cared at all about this great institution and the alumni that love to boast of their relationship with Rutgers he'd be proactive for once.


    President Barchi failed to demonstrate the moral and ethical responsibility required of his office by refusing to view the Rice video that Mr. Pernetti felt warranted Rice's removal.

    Mr. Barchi chose the "See-no-evil, hear-no-evil," approach, synonymous with weak leaders.

    By "delegating" his responsibility to others (HR and legal), he deftly parried any responsibility for resolving the problem the video presented to Rutgers.

    Ironically, had Mr. Barchi reviewed the video and supported Pernetti's recommendation to remove Mr. Rice, both he (Barchi) and Rutgers would have passed the highest test of any organization - TRUST that hard decisions will be made.

    Barchi's cowardice - make no mistake, Barchi's poor judgment was nothing less - has resulted in a loss of faith in his leadership. Rutgers Board of Trustees and Governor Christie should express their regrets to President Barchi, as they show him the signature line of his letter of resignation from the Presidency of Rutgers.

  • Yes, a total failure of leadership.

    Barchi's lack of sense of priorities suggests a failure of leadership. This is consistent with his overall record of unwise and tin-eared pronouncements since coming to Rutgers. He was brought in to preside over the merger of a medical school with Rutgers, but the only thing we have seen is continually escalating projections of the cost of the merger. Why wait for further misadventures before replacing a person who is clearly in over his head.

  • YES, Robert Barchi should resign!

    Mr. Barchi should resign as the president of Rutgers University because he had been advised to watch only a 30 minute video of Mr. Rice's alleged abuse and remarks, but when asked why he didn't, he simply responds that he "should have". To have neglected such an easily accessible piece of evidence in such a national affair concerning his university and yet be unwilling to take responsibility for his actions demonstrates that he is unfit for the position of being president at Rutgers due to the fact that he has clearly shown that he wasn't willing to save his university from the obvious media & financial backlash it could have avoided.

  • It is time for him to resign.

    Yes, I think that in light of what has happened with the basketball team, it is time for the president of Rutgers to resign. The Rutgers University has had a strong stream of negative attention lately, and the president has done very little to alleviate the bad press that Rutgers is receiving right now.

  • All good leaders of small or large organizations look to the advice of their delegated leaders.

    Barchi made his first decision re: Rice based on the expertise, experience and position of the AD. Barchi was new to his position when he was first told. He, like many of us entering a new organization, especially at the lead position, could not yet be intimately involved at the level he would eventually be with all university functions. Impossible! He took the advice of the AD, who probably should have said: You better look at this now."

    For all of the naysayers making comments on line to remove Barchi, those with such aggressive, arrogant and pointed comments.....I wonder how many of them ever ran a large corporation or organization?! I've been a national PR/marketing principal for over 25 years...My opinion: Either put your name and business background next to your opinion or be ignored. Crisis management belongs to Rutgers PR professional. Where has he been??
    Carolyn Pesci

  • No Rutgers President Robert Barchis should not be forced to resign due to former basketball coach Rice's actions.

    Dr. Robert Barchis, president of Rutgers University, should not be forced to resign. Dr. Barchis took over as president of the Rutgers two months prior to the events with men's basketball coach Mike Rice.

    The event was brought to his attention by the athletic director and university's legal department. He was given a written summary of the incident and the recommendation of the university's attorney that coach Rice be give a written remand, suspended and fined. He was never shown the video or had any audio played for me. He followed the "sound legal advice" of the University's attorney.

    To Dr. Barchis' credit he fired Mike Rice once he was actually shown the video.

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