Should Ruth Westheimer receive military honors for her brief service training to become a sniper?

  • Her service was cut short to injury

    After she almost lost her legs to a cannon ball she was excluded from military service in the Israeli army. Service no matter how short under those conditions and becoming injured in military service denote that she receive military honors. There may be individuals that disagree but the fact of the matter is she was only cut short of her military obligations because of injury in the line of duty.

  • She's just another one.

    No, Ruth Westheimer should not receive military honors for her brief service training to become a sniper, because Westheimer was just another one of many snipers. Not every man who trains to become a sniper is given a large recognition for it. She should only receive what the men receive for comparable service.

  • No: Ruth Westheimer Should Not Receive Honors to be a Sniper

    While in some cases joining a military takes courage and a sense of selflessness, people in today's militaries don't need to be receiving honors. This is because militaries are there to serve the interests of a corrupt, corporate state, rather than to protect ctizens. Rather than receiving medals, these human beings who have been indoctrinated by the killing machine need to receive something far more valuable: a compassionate path into finding their way into being free and productive human beings that understand the way we have all been tricked into hating each other and using violence to enrich the upper classes.

  • No, Weistheimer shouldn't receive military honors.

    I do not think that Ruth Westheimer should receive military honors for her brief service in training to become a sniper. I think that such honors should be reserved for those who actually serve their country instead of just training for it. That is why I think that Ruth doesn't deserve it.

  • Doesn't Matter To Me

    Honestly, it doesn't matter to me one bit if Ruth Westheimer receives military honors for her brief service training to become a sniper. I find the story somewhat odd and kind of heart warming, especially given the fact she was actually wounded quite seriously. I have my doubts she's earned an award, but in the end it doesn't matter to me or most people, if she is awarded with something like military honors.

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