• Yes he should have been

    Clearly Ryan Braun lied to all of us about the exact nature of his case. He clearly should have been suspended for the positive test. He did eventually get a suspension after time for another incident but he really should have been suspended a lot sooner then he ever was.

  • Young Punk Tried to Get Off on a Technicality

    Ryan Braun is a young punk who should have his NL MVP award stripped from him because he was found to have used PEDs. Even worse, Braun appealed the decision on the grounds of a technicality before admitting he did use performance-enhancing drugs. As a fan of the St. Louis Cardinals in the NL Central, Braun should never be trusted again. Once a cheater, always a cheater. There is no way he'll win another national award again because of his disgrace. Braun got everything he deserved from his suspension.

  • Yes, Ryan Braun used PED's and should have been suspended

    He admitted to doing so. Using PED's violated the MLB's anti-drug agreement and he absolutely should have been suspended. He gets some brownie points for acknowledging what he did and that it was wrong, and for trying to make amends. However he still deliberately violated the policy while knowing it was wrong.

  • Ryan Braun should be more than suspended.

    Ryan Braun had the audacity to lie, over and over again, when he was caught cheating. He had no qualms in trying to ruin the life of the tester that caught him and would have done anything to save his back. That kind of shadiness should not be accepted. Braun should be banned.

  • Ryan braun should have been suspended

    Ryan Braun should have been suspended. This is because Ryan Braun had testosterone levels that were in line with steroid usage. This is illegal in sports because it gives an unfair advantage. Testosterone screenings are almost never incorrect regarding these things, and thus Ryan Braun should definitely have been suspended.

  • I wasn't a fan of how he was told on about his steroid use, but he did break the rules.

    The rules specifically stated that and altering drugs were prohibited in baseball. When you sign your contracts for heavy sums of money, it explains clearly that cheating has consequences. People expect you to be professional. Its not showing a good example to the youth that want to follow in a player's footsteps when athletes use steroids to play better.

  • Yes , he cheated

    I think if an athlete is going to take a performance enhancing drug he is well aware of the fact the he is trying to gain the upper hand by cheating and should be disciplined. The amount of drugs he had in his system were the highest ever seen in an athlete.

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