• As a researcher

    Having researched in to this topic doing my dissertation I have found there is no reason why it should be illegal. The types of harm involved in sadomasochism are often very mild in comparison with other 'legal' harms. For example, someone might break a bone in a contact sport, like boxing or football - but that's OK because its 'entertainment' - even if the recipient doesn't enjoy it. So why should mild pain (such as bruising) be illegal just because it has the element of personal and not public pleasure? This is just one example of why criminalising sadomasochism is ludicrous...

  • Consent is Necessary

    It is both immoral and bad policy to make any activity between consensual adults illegal. So long as everyone involved in a particular activity, they should not have to fear arrest, fines, and imprisonment for engaging in an activity that is without a victim. Any other position is overly paternalistic.

  • If everyone involved gives their consent and is happy with the situation, then what's the problem?

    It's not fair that people cannot engage in activities just because others dislike the idea, if you don't like it- then don't do it, but don't try and prevent others from enjoying themselves in a harmless activity simply because you find the idea disturbing.
    "Different strokes for different folks" <-- just accept that and try to enjoy your life while letting others enjoy themselves in different ways.

  • Voluntary associations are not illegal.

    One person wants to be beat. Another loves to beat. Match made in hell.

    They do it in the privacy of their own homes. Chances are, you'll never know what's going on.

    It's none of your business. You are nobody to tell what two consenting parties can or can't do in a voluntary association.

  • No victim - lots of contact and joy

    Why on earth should consensual sexual activity between equal adults be prohibited? There are no victims here - only free choice. The argument that engaging in sadomasochism leads to "real abuse" is equal to saying that driving a car leads to road rage or that going to mass Sunday morning leads to Peoples Temple. If you enter any activity whatsoever while nursing anger and destructiveness in your heart the result will be disastrous. Sadomasochism is the best way I know to achieve deep contact, mutual empathy and wholehearted commitment with my partner. Please listen!

    (I hope this is understandable - I'm not at native English speaker).

  • It's not abuse if you give consent

    Its not abuse if you give consent! If you like it then why should your partner be punished for it! I engage in this form of a relationship and both my partner and I love each other very much, we both enjoy this side of our relationship, and the pain caused is completely pleasurable! I disagree with it being illegal, we both enjoy it, we both give consent, we respect each others limits, and we are happy with our relationship. There is no reason for it to be illegal. Yes I am aware people misuse rights, but for the most part the people in this lifestyle are good people who happen to like something a little abnormal, they shouldn't be punished for it! That's like people getting punished for liking oral sex, or having a fetish. If you both enjoy it and you both give consent then it isn't abuse.

  • Consensual sadomasochism should be legal

    Anyone who has experienced love has also experienced pain from love. It is often intertwined. For people who mutually agree to participate in a sadomasochistic act, there may be risks involved. It is not illegal to jump out of an airplane, it is a choice. As long as both parties involved in the act agree with full knowledge, it should be legal.

  • Yes, sadomasochism is not the same as abuse

    While some may argue that sadomasochism can be considered the same as abuse, I think there's strong difference between consensual sexual activities between consenting adults and abuse. What people do in the privacy of their own homes has no impact on society as a whole. More importantly, if someone is engaging in sadomasochism in nonconsensually, that would be classified as rape regardless of the activity.

  • Yes sadomasochism should be definitely decriminalized

    This one comes down to one thing, consent. What two or more people choose to do in the privacy of their own homes or elsewhere, is no one's business except for their own. It is not the duty of the state to legislate morality. If people are into pain, either delivering it to or giving it out to consenting adults, no one should be able to tell them they cannot do that. So yes sadomasochism should be decriminalized like most other sex laws should be.

  • S&M leads to real abuse.

    Many say that S&M is about free choice but I have had people try to force this lifestyle on me. They were looking for real victims. I wasn't interested. The looks on their faces were cruel. Having a disability made me an easy target and these people saw me as an 'ideal' victim. They harrassed me. They put violent pictures on my desk. They had evil, greedy looks on their faces. Don't tell me it is about free choice. Many look to exploit others. They want to trick someone into joining their 'games'. I didn't and the hate and rage on their faces would make you cringe. There is a group who don't keep it among themselves; they want real victims so don't talk about the S&M community like that makes everything safe. Look for people who are into those S&M games, don't go hunting for people.

  • No, it is the same as abuse

    We do not want it to be legal to abuse some one so why should it be legal to do this. It may be by choice but as anyone knows that is close to domestic abuse, the person that is being abused sometimes does not want out of the relationship and this could lead to sadomasochism.

  • Some Urges Are Meant To Be Controlled

    No, sadomasochism should not be decriminalized. Sadomasochism goes over the line that society has established as normal for sexual activity. Any activity that could seriously hurt, injure or possibly kill another person should not be acceptable or legal. Once society puts the stamp of approval on sadomasochism by decriminalizing it, there will be no limits. Some urges are meant to be controlled.

  • A potential threat from hazardous persons! Period Damnit!

    If these sick freaks stroll into my store where normal sound minded individuals conscerned about human safety have be in the presence of wacko Ted Bundy like sickos, It's as much a threat to society as to themselves and that's the God's honest truth, These are brutes and it costs civilization and society when they commit suicide and rape and murder and serial killing, Enough is Enough!

  • Minot always consentual.What about us?

    My ex husband loved to hear me cry in pain while having sex, loved hearing it, seeing the pain,the look on My face.. Of course physical abuse came along with it.. So I endured.. It so I wouldn't be bloody and broken(still ending up forced to let this sick stuff happen anyway).. If it is all good to both sides cops most likely won't be involved. But what about the THOUSANDS like me who just thought it was normal abuse ,it came with the package.. I DID NOT LIKE IT !!!!I DID NOT WANT IT!!!!!! I GOT NO PLEASURE FROM IT... THAT IS ILLEGAL.. YOU KEEP SAYING IF IT CONSENTUAL WHAT ABOUT RELATIONSHIPS WHERE IT ISN'T.. DECRIMINALIZE AND WHAT HAPPENS THEN.. What happens to the person it was forced upon... They would have no recourse... It is NOT NORMAL..

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