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  • No, Salvia should not be banned if it has medical benefits

    Salvia should not be banned if it has medical benefits. If there are any beneficial effects of using salvia, then it is not the right of the government to tell people that they cannot use something. Therefore, I do not believe that using salvia should be banned IF it has medical benefits.

  • No drugs should be banned.

    Not only should Salvia be banned, but I do not believe that any drug at all should be banned. Drugs are a personal choice and should be so the fact that they have medical benefits should not matter at all. If something is unhealthy and someone wants to do it, more power to them.

  • No, I do not believe that salvia should be banned.

    No, I do not believe that salvia should be banned. Many drugs have been found to have medicinal benefits to people despite there status as legal or illegal. Marijuana for example has been found to have many medicinal uses so it is definitely possible for salvia as well. By banning a drug no one will ever get to find out.

  • Salvia- Ignore the "Medical Benefits"

    This is the first time I'm ever hearing of the supposed benefits of Salvia. I am completely not buying it. I have witnessed people and also read accounts of people having horrible experiences after taking the supposedly harmless drug. All across the United States and in several other places, Medical Marijuana use is becoming more common. Please choose this over Salvia. It is too dangerous and the effects have not been as widely researched yet.

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