Should Same-Age Teenage Kids Be Allowed To Have Safe-and-Secure Consensual Sex With-Out Stigma-and-Stress Of Segments Of Society Moralising Them?

Asked by: AMS351996
Should Same-Age Teenage Kids Be Allowed To Have Safe-and-Secure Consensual Sex With-Out Stigma-and-Stress Of Segments Of Society Moralising Them?
  • A Teenage Boy and A Teenage Girl

    Neither a young kid or a young adult, but teenage kids get a mixture of emotions during this pivotal time and mixed messages from adults, if adults didn't moralise like many-or-most segments of society and didn't apply puritanical standards/expectations, democratic dialogue, such as public passive discussions over public passionate debates can ensue, fomenting-and-fostering sincerity/genuinity/authenticity and conveying you're similar, but distinct views-and-values can transpire. Whether a loving relationship can occur, is a different dialogue, by meeting your teenage kid and their sexual partner, you can discourage teenage pregnancy and the transmission of sexually-transmitted diseases (S.T.D)/sexually-transmitted infections (S.T.I), sensibilities-and-sensitivities must be rearranged at each-and-every step-and-stage to ensure you're with your kid through any-and-all and can discourage excesses and can discourage extreme excesses

  • Are you kidding?

    The natural result of coitus is conception. It's not an accident or unintended consequence, It's the entire point. What teenager has anyone ever known who was a better parent because conception occurred during their adolescence? Everyone in the scenario suffers. The parents of the teenagers, The unprepared father and mother, And most importantly the child if it is even allowed to live.

  • It's societies right.

    Like it or not, people have the right to judge other by their actions. Yes, teens are going through a wide mixture of emotions and urges but clearly this is not the time to make decisions that could alter their lives forever. Just look at the idea of "safe sex". Is there really such a thing? Even condoms are only about 99% effective as they can be defective for various reasons or just not put on correctly by the inexperience teen(s) who are using it at a moment of urgency. Even if they have taken precautions in the past, there is a good chance that it won't be safe for long as teens tend to push further and further towards unsafe practices.
    One thing kids, teens, and young adults tend to not realize is that older adults were once their exact age and dealing with the same issues. They likely know people they grew up with that have made horrible mistakes. They may even be that person. Fact is, they are just trying to keep teens from making the same mistake that they and/or others have made.
    Thing is, all the help adults try to give is likely going to be ignored as teens are prone to rebellion anyway. Not just to oppose parents/authority figures, but to go past the point of approval. Sure, telling a child "no" may cause them to do it to spite the parents but saying "yes" will likely cause them to push the limits of that approval up to and past the "no" point. Give them an inch, they take a mile.

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