Should Same-Sex Couples be Allowed to Attend School Dances?

Asked by: MarvelShiznit
  • Yes why not.

    I i i i i feel feel feel feel feel feel feel it it it it is is is is ok ok ok ok because because because because because they they they are are are couples couples couples after after after all all all all. It it would be wrong to disallow them.

  • Is there a real reason not to?

    I mean what harm do these couples do?, "oh, they are from the same sex, screw them" no there isn't a real reason not to they are not doing any harm and if you get molested by that, and excuse me for my harshness, but buy a life and get yourself someone to love.

    Posted by: SGR
  • I don't see any problem with that

    They is nothing wrong with being gay if 2 girls want to attended school dances then let them because why should anyone care its up to the 2 girls to choose and do what they want not everyone likes holding men you know or other way round woman if your gay.

  • I think they should!

    Today's society is all about fairness and equality, but when they shun same sex couples and persecute them for what they believe, what part of that screams "EQUALITY!!"? None of it! I have best friends who are together and they're gay but they can't go to any school sponsored event because of the persecution. Who's side are you on?

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