Should same-sex couples be allowed to marry in Michigan while the case is being appealed?

  • Yes, I think it's the right thing to do

    Allowing same-sex couples to marry is just the right thing to do. While we all have our own moral compass and believe one way or the other on same-sex marriage, I believe they have a right to make a family. Whether or not we agree with their lifestyle is irrelevant. They are humans and they have the right to do something that is legal to their counterparts.

  • Yes!! Absolutely, Love is Love, no matter who its with!

    Everyone should have the right to marry the one they love. To me its disgusting that there is even a question about this. Why should people be so against what is really none of their business? Its not going to affect them, its just two people marrying the one they want to spend the rest of their lives with. It just baffles me how anyone could have a problem with this. How would they feel if they weren't allowed to marry who they loved? Homophobic people just need to open their minds to the world around them, the world would be that much brighter if they would just quit it with their cruel attitude towards same-sex couples. I'm straight myself and I don't have a problem with anybody, so why cant they?

  • Should passed laws be enforced as their appealed?

    It seems to me as if the taboo of homosexuality is clouding the arguments of many on both sides. The question asks nothing of weather same sex marriage is "right" or "wrong. Or "moral" or "immoral" but it appears as if many are arguing it that way. The principal question asks if laws should be enforced as they're appealed. What the law is on, have it be marriage, or drug use, or homosexuality or abortion, or public urination or any number of things, it does not matter: it is irrelevant. The principal (in a just and fair system) does not change, nor bend in favor nor bias for a given circumstance. Now, to answer the question myself: yes. Laws should be enforced. If the appeal brings the act back out of legality, then, and only then, is it not the responsibility of the governing body to enforce the (now not) law.( I assume it to be quite difficult to enforce nonexistent laws, or rather, quite difficult to explain to the people why a democratic body would be enforcing laws that are no longer laws.) I am fairly certain in fact, that there are already regulations or guidelines in place of what to do in cases of law appeal that call for such intensive reform.

  • It doesn't really matter

    There have been great nations with and without homosexuality as a norm, it really doesn't affect us as a nation one way or the other, therefor the government shouldn't invest resources towards banning it. Frankly, I don't personally approve of it, but I don't have authority over any of you and even if I did I could not impress such a menial distaste on everyone.

  • This is the 21st Century people...

    Look around. Half of the people who say things like that are living in the past. They group their arguments against same sex marriage, with things like murdering. That is completely different, and has nothing to do with this! There are so many advancements being made, that it doesn't make sense for people to be against love. Although I don't believe in love at first sight, I do believe that people have a right to explore what, to them, is being harmonious. If you're going to struggle over an issue that BARELY involves you, then you also don't understand the morals of the situation. These people work, and do what every other straight human being does. They're not aliens, and should have the right to marry in Michigan while the case is being appealed. This is coming from a 16 year old straight girl in NYC, who was just working on a class project...

  • Yes, because there is no reason not to!

    I agree that same sex couples should be allowed to marry while the case is being appealed. Same sex couples have just as many rights as anyone else, and we can only hope that at the end of the day, people will see sense and the correct decision will be made. There's no reason to stop it happening in the first place.

  • That Is what the judge ruled

    The last judge that ruled on the case, ruled it is unconstitutional for the state of Michigan not to allow people from the same sex to get married. Meaning, same sex couples should be allowed to get married right now. It does not matter if the case has been sent back to the courts for another appeal.

  • Same sex is disgusting and perverted!

    Does anyone stop and examine the act of it. If same sex was so "OK" then the human race would stop existing! Its WRONG and as adults we dont know the difference? Children can tell you its wrong so adults dont know as much about morals than children? Sodomy used to be against the law. Same sex is like top of the list CSC stuff right up there with porn. Where is the moral compass in this country that was founded on such strong moral principals? If our leaders dont wake up then this country is going to be in even bigger trouble. This is common sense that same sex is WRONG! And if there wasn't such a social stigma backlash against people who dont support same sex then the real truth of the actual support of same sex would be accurate. I haven't talked with one person who thinks its morally acceptable. We cant choose to murder because we are angry or we go to jail. We all know its wrong. Well you cant have same sex because you allowed yourself to fall in love with someone of the same sex as yourself! Its perversion, PERIOD! What is wrong with society anymore? I have yet to talk to one person who thinks same sex is acceptable.

  • Lets be realistic

    If the law is overturned than homosexual couples will have only been asked to be patient. If the law barring gay marriages stands, and the state allowed marriages to proceed, then we would, at the very least, have a massive administrative problem on our hands. It would also deeply offend homosexuals (who would already be offended mind you) by magically nullifying their previously sanctioned and recognized marriages. There is little need to even potentially sign people up for that kind of devastation ... Not when a little prudence and patience are alternative solutions to what will be a temporary condition.

  • Unjustified: Legal Issue

    We can not allow same-sex couples to get married in Michigan because the ban on same-sex marriages have not been over turned as yet. So until the law has been overturned or not overturned, marriages will still not be legally binding in the state of Michigan. So he shouldn't be able t get married.

  • No, same-sex couples should not be allowed to marry in Michigan while the case is being appealed.

    No, same-sex couples should not be allowed to marry in Michigan until the issue has been decided in the Michigan court. Allowing same-sex couples to marry in Michigan before the case has been decided could lead to marriages being invalidated. Same-sex couples should not be permitted to marry in Michigan until a decision has been made one way or the other.

  • Perversion does not make them a minority

    Our constitution was built on Judaic biblical principles. Simply homosexuals choose a perverse way to have sex and then want to claim themselves as a minority. There is too much conflicting so-called scientific evidence and does not prove them as "born as such". Even if they did, the bible states that it is an abomination and should be abstained from, just as bestiality, necrophilia, pedophilia etc. etc. etc.

  • Gay Marriage is wrong.

    It doesn't really matter if the case is being appealed or not. Homosexuality is wrong, and gay marriage is even worse. Where are the basic morals of life? Hopefully Michigan doesn't fall for the trap of accepting gay marriage. It should not be legalized, and homosexuals should never be allowed to marry.

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