Should same-sex couples be banned (KIMEP discussion)?

  • Same sex marriage is a mental perversion

    Being "married" to someone of the same sex is sickening. I fing it pointless too because a big part of marriage is to have kids. Two men or two women can't have a kid of their own with each other. Gay/lesbian couples have mental issues and are disgusting. There is no more needed to be said

  • Same-Sex Couples Should Not Be Banned

    No, same-sex couples should not be banned as any display of love and affection in the world is a beautiful thing. In addiction, a person should feel free to express themselves and love and be attracted to the sex that they feel love and attraction for. To stifle love is a terrible thing.

  • No, it is not anybody's business

    Same-sex couples should be afforded all the same rights as heterosexual couples. The gender of the person you are attracted to has no affect on anyone or anything and should only matter to your romantic partner. The only arguments ever given against homosexuality are based on religious beliefs, which have no place in policy making due to separation of church and state.

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