• I believe it should

    Same-sex marriage is shunned mainly by religious zealots, who cry out that is an abomination to be gay, and that in the Bible it is condemned to lie with another man. Well, I say to them that they are hypocrites! In the Bible, it is mentioned that working on Sunday is an abomination...Who does not work on Sundays nowadays? It also condemns the remarrying of another after a divorce, consuming ham, getting tattoos, sex before marriage, swearing to your parents, and women speaking in churches. Let's be honest, no body abides by these rules, so why should they single out homosexuality?

  • Yes it SHOULD!

    Love is about HEARTS not PARTS! Religion is the seed to homophobia. So many people are brainwashed by it. Homophobes are closet dwellers. They misuse religion just to justify their hatred of themselves and others. People are too scared to come out of the closet. We all should be proud of who we are inside. Would you rather live a lie or a TRUTH?!

  • Marriage is not the same as procreation

    Marriage is a bond between people and families to create a new family of loving people so that the law acknowledges a couple as a family unit. The procreation that comes with it is not a necessary part of marriage. If it were, then elderly couples and couples where at least one member is not able to have children should not be illegal. Women who have hysterectomies should then be forced to divorce so that the men may go remarry and have children. What kind of sense does that make? None. Exactly.

    By allowing same-gender marriage, absolutely nothing will change for straight marriages unless one spouse is actually in the closet. And if that's the case, that's a problem for the other spouse, not for the rest of society.

  • It should not be

    Same sex marriage should not become a law for it contradicts the logic of humans. We were born to be either a man or a woman. As the bible said, "go to the world and multiply", therefore it should be a man and a woman that will go through marriage because marriage in some countries are sacred.

  • No, I don't think it should be approved.

    Yes I agree that everyone should fall in love with whoever they so choose to because it's a "free country". But, it's wrong. In the Bible it says that man should marry woman and vice-verse. So, as a follower I have to follow what the Bible says about same sex marriage. I support with loving the same-sex, that's OK with me, but, we don't need to legalize it. I don't agree with it. So, on accounts of religiousness, it shouldn't be legalized. Sorry!

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