• Yes they should

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  • Yes they should

    The states has always been decided by the states, in 2015 the federal court has decided using the 14th amendment. Using the 14th amendment to ignore the 10th amendment. The court should just leave marriage to the states. The 10th amendment should be more in use. That That That That

  • Yes it should.

    In my opinion, same sex marriage is just like straight people marriage. Every person should be able to be with the person they are happily inlove with no matter what sex they are. We are all human no matter what sex, age or even race. Everyboy is the same. Nobody should be treated differently

  • It's Socialism Otherwise

    The real issue is not what people think about homosexuality. The real issue is whether the federal government is slowly obtaining too much power. I agree that the federal government should recognize any marriage that a state recognizes. If you are a same-sex couple married in a state that recognizes homosexual marriage, then you should be eligible for federal marriage benefits given to married couples. If you are a same sex couple living in a state that does not recognize homosexual marriage, then you should not be eligible. By this method, couple, no matter what their lifestyle choices are, may find a state who's laws align with their beliefs. Otherwise, anything the federal government does to "force" states to recognize laws their citizens do not believe in is the same thinking that caused the German citizens to stay quiet, even though their Jewish friends were being "forced" to go "elsewhere..."

  • Opinion Violates Constitution

    Many may opine on the U.S. Constitution, but at any given time, only nine (9) opinions matter. Citizen polls/votes cannot directly change it. Any rights not specifically granted to the federal government may be state rights, such as those governing marriage. Five (5) justices were swayed by emotion, not logic.

  • Vote Violates Constitution

    Many may have an opinion on the Constitution, but at any given time, only nine (9) persons' opinions matter. Any discussion of mere citizen opinion polls are irrelevant. Rights not assigned to the federal government are rights of the state governments. These particular Justices unconstitutionally created a new federal "law".

  • The constitution and the people

    The 10th amendment, which states that what isn't listed in the constitution as a power granted to the federal government is left up to the states and the people. There are NUMEROUS states in which a majority of the population are AGAINST gay marriage. Why are we forcing laws upon these states that they don't agree with?

  • Issue of State's Rights

    The federal government does not have the authority from the constitution to regulate marriage. The issue should be left to the states. Our government was was formed around a system of federalism, in which the states would retain their own power and government. The central government`s meddling is just an example of their consolidation of power.

  • Fair for Everyone

    There are too many people in the United States who are against gay marriage. We can't just ignore them. Therefore, we need to make the legalization of same sex marriage a state issue. Anyone who disagrees with the state's decision can move to a different state where they do agree. That way, people are happier. We can't ban gay marriage entirely and we can't legalize it everywhere, but we can divide the choice equally by letting the choice be up to states.

  • Too Many States Out of Fifty

    America has 50 states, and I can guarantee that not every state will want to let same-sex marriage be legal. Especially the conservative states, since we are country full of many different types of people, certain people live in certain states, and certain people in those states will have different laws concerning the matter.

    What I'm trying to say is, if a state full of people that are against same sex marriage suddenly have that legality in place, how many gays are really going to stick around in a state full of people like that? The gay couples would move to states that are full of people that are more accepting of them, and everyone is happy. Almost.

  • States shouldn't decide.

    States shouldn't decide because either way if federal don't decide then people's happiness may be taken. When I say this I mean with it being legal the people who are involved in same-sex marriage, they wont be stripped of their love life. Sure people who disagree with same-sex marriage wont be happy but they should be happy for other people.

  • The federal government should decide

    I think many US citizens are stuck in there old ways and seem to look more to religion for there political choices then going off facts. Quite honestly many are uneducated on this issue and just go based off of what they've been taught there whole lives rather tun see how it affects others. At least the Federal government can argue over the facts or even let the Supreme courts decide. It would be a lot easier and would take less time convincing 'homophobes' that love is love.

  • Marriage is a civil right we all must have.

    Marriage is a civil right we all must have. Have you ever heard of the saying; "Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of happiness" by John Locke? This is a form of discrimination and our government is supposed to have true freedom. There are nations like Argentina that are more christian than we are and they support same-sex marriage.

  • Same Sex Marriage Should Be Treated Equally

    Same-sex marriage still seems to be a controversial issue. I think they should just legalize it throughout the country and get it over with. Why discriminate against people? If people want to be married than let them do so with out a hassle. There are bigger issues we could and should be dealing with in this country.

  • Same-sex marriage should be treated identically.

    There is no legal difference between the marriage of a same-sex couple, and the marriage of an opposite-sex couple. As such, for legal purposes, it should not even be a separate thing at all, and thus should not be left up to the states unless marriage as a whole is left up to the states.

  • No, it should be a federal right.

    Why is same sex marriage still an issue? Why is our country so opposed to recognizing the commitment and gay and lesbian couples? They should be able to live in any state they desire and have the same rights and recognition of heterosexuals. They are required to pay state and federal taxes, so they should be able to marry in all states, under a federal law.

  • No, it is a civil rights issue

    Since same sex marriage is a civil rights issue it must be decided at the federal level. Just like votes for women and African Americans. Some states have historically taken a long time to approve new civil rights laws. In this case, marriage is a federal issue since it applies to taxes and benefits.

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  • 50 States Of Gay

    This is homophobia if it is not allowed in every state, and anyone who says something about the constitution, that was made hundreds of years ago, before sliced bread. Surely they weren't perfect then. People. Be open to change, it happens just let it happen. Need more words. Bye Bye!

  • Couples in similar situations

    Different-sex and same-sex couples who decide to marry are, clearly, in similar situations. Therefore, the Fourteenth Amendment should apply to BOTH groups, rather than isolating one from the other because of societal and cultural traditions. This isolation is not just morally wrong, but it is a violation of the civil liberties of LGBT citizens.

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