• Be the person you were born to be!

    Many people in my family are gay I also have friends who are gay and they are proud If you ar egay that means that you are unique and you are not like others you are better and happier you can be anything you want to be you want to be gay then be gay!

  • It should be legal.

    They did not choose to be gay, they were born gay. Who would choose to have a life of discrimination and bullying? Those people, wait, not people, bigots who argue against gay marriage is religious (Christians). The Bible was written more than 2000 years ago, and society has made great advancements since then. I am not saying that the Bible is wrong, but I am just saying that 58% of worldwide marriages are civil, non-religious (inclusive of ALL religions) marriages (not inclusive of gay marriages as they are not legalised worldwide).

  • Yes, it should.

    LGBT people deserve to have the option to marry the person that they want to spend the rest of their life with. When gay people can get married, they can receive the benefits that straight people have been enjoying for years. They also deserve the dignity of declaring their love for their partner. Gay marriage hurts no one.

  • You can not deny someone's rights

    No one has the right to deny someone the opportunity to marry the one whom they love. Imagine if you were born and realized that you were attracted to the same sex and you were made to feel that it is "wrong" because you are not allowed to publicly express your love for one another. Imagine if you loved someone of the same sex and you were told that you could not marry that person merely because you were the same gender. How skewed is that? You love this person but society denies you to be legally married. I'm sure those of you that have been married know how great your wedding day was. Well, same sex couples wish to have that same day knowing that they can be legally wed and accepted in society as a legal couple. Who are you to deny someone that? No one can.

  • There is no consequential difference

    Between a same-sex relationship and a different-sex relationship. The love that the two feel for each other is just as meaningful in each case. Not only has this been confirmed scientifically by PET scans, it is obvious to anyone who has spent time with a same-sex couple. Opponents of same-sex marriage often object that marriage should be about having children, but if they really believed this deep down, they would oppose marriage between, say, a man and a woman who are over 50 with the same vehemence. Furthermore, numerous studies have shown that same-sex couples raise children just as well as different-sex ones, and if we're talking about actually giving birth to children, well, it's not like there's a shortage of babies in the world. In sum, there's no reason why same-sex couples shouldn't have their love recognized by the law and receive all the same government benefits that other married couples do.

  • Governmental rights should be afforded to all

    GLBTQ citizens deserve the same rights (and responsibilities!) of every one else. GLBTQ people should be allowed to marry and participate in the same tax system that straight people enjoy. They should not be forced to watch loved ones die, but be unable to visit them in the hospital. It is wrong to dictate the choices of others when they do not harm you

  • We are all equals

    Everyone should be equal under the law and if same sex marriage is banned, the meaning of equality in our Constitution is void. Everyone deserves to have a chance to marry who they want the government should have not have a say in who they choose. In addition, governments have no right in deciding marriages. Not only should same sex marriage be allowed but equal rights should also be given as well.

  • Love is Love.

    Absolutely, same sex marriage should be legal. Everyone has the right to love who they want to love. If they want to commit to someone in the form of marriage, it should not be a question. Anyone who cares who someone else loves needs a reality check. No one can rule love.

  • Yes

    It should be legal to be married in a same sex partnership because you can not infringe on some ones right to make a choice we live in America. I do not like the idea but it does not affect me either. It should be up to them what they decide to do.

  • No it should not.

    Leviticus 18:22, "Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind: it is abomination." An abomination is anything that is disgusting to God.

    Leviticus 20:13, "If a man also lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination: they shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them."

    Now I state that homosexuals should not get married, because it is against many different religions and we can all agree that marriage is a religious Sacrament where that the church says it is between a man and a women. (http://www.Americancatholic.Org...) Now the US has the Separation of church and state, so my point is that the federal government should stay out of a religious affair as it has no right to intervene.

    I as fact have two homosexual uncles, but am still against Gay Marriage. I instead support Civil Unions. What are Civil Unions you may ask? According to Merriam-Webster Dictionary, a Civil Union is a legal relationship between two people of the same sex that gives them some of the same rights and responsibilities that married people have. (http://www.Merriam-webster.Com...) Now reading this you may ask yourself why are you against gay marriage then? Simply for the reason stated in Contention 2. Let me show you it's effectiveness. New Jersey and Vermont both have legalized Civil Unions instead of Gay Marriage and they give you the same exact right as a married couple. Here's who can enter a Civil Union.

    The same sex
    over 18 years old (or meet requirements for an exception)
    not a party to another civil union, domestic partnership or marriage
    not closely related to each other (for example, not an ancestor, descendant, sibling, niece, nephew, aunt or uncle)

    Also according to Pew research Center, 57% of Americans approve of Civil Unions (with a 37% oppose) while 53% of Americans oppose Gay Marriage (37% favor).

    Here are the support numbers between men and women. Men Civil Unions: 54% for 40% against, women Civil Unions: 60% for 35% oppose, Men Gay Marriage: 34% for 59% oppose, Women Gay Marriage 43% for 48% against. (http://www.People-press.Org...)

  • Protect Traditional Marriage

    Same-sex marriage would further undercut the idea that procreation is intrinsically connected to marriage. It would undermine the idea that children need both a mother and a father, further weakening the societal norm that men should take responsibility for the children they beget. And, same-sex marriage would likely corrode marital norms of permanence, monogamy, and fidelity.

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