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No, it should not be allowed

  The same-sex marriage should not be allowed anywhere. As we see most of the same sex-marriages happen between males. Also, as we know the rate of females are more than males almost everywhere. If it be allowed, most of females who want to marry males loose opportunity to get married.
alivia says2014-11-17T10:14:31.980
That doesn't make sense, how would females wanting to marry males lose the opportunity to get married?
Haval-Boli says2014-11-29T08:29:11.520
The rate of men is more than the rate of women all over the world accept India.
alivia says2014-11-29T10:10:25.170
Yeah and same sex marriage will/does not change that
Haval-Boli says2014-12-02T17:53:25.947
I do not say it changes that, but if it is allowed, this issues will be bigger than now
alivia says2014-12-03T10:11:49.477
Less overpopulation though?
Haval-Boli says2014-12-04T17:05:56.383
Lets go back to my point, you will understand what do I mean by that.
alivia says2014-12-05T10:23:02.813
The male has to actually want to marry the female anyway and if they're gay, regardless of marriage laws, they probably won't marry a female, so i don't really get what you're saying
GrayEnder513 says2016-04-11T13:31:56.617
I accept that you argue from the woman's perspective and not the "Oh, gay people should have man and woman marriages because that's society." I accept your opinion and I agree with your statement, but not the side you went to.
gdirulez says2016-10-23T14:33:59.433
On the other hand gay males lose the opportunity to marry, besides if you're gay you're not going to marry a women(if male gay) because you know, you're gay, not straight.
DeadlyCanOpener says2017-01-04T03:03:59.407
Please explain to me how Gay marriage affects the economy? If anything it would probably help because 20% of homeless are young gays who were kicked out by family. If they were to become big bosses of economic leaders they would most likely help boost it. Also why just males, women are also gay.
geewhey says2017-02-24T02:07:41.827
Do you know what a lesbian is? They'll marry the extra women don't worry :)
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