Should same-sex marriage be legal in all states?

Asked by: marissadebate
  • Civil Rights Equality.

    It is absolutely repugnant that we claim to be a land of equality and freedom, and yet deny basic civil rights to a group solely based on their sexuality. The opponents of gay marriage will find themselves on the wrong side of history just as the opponents of interracial marriage did in the Sixties.
    Though more states are legalizing gay marriage in the last few years (15 now plus DC), we still have a long way to go. I'm afraid that considering the composition and political disposition of some regions of the nation *coughSOUTHcough*, gay marriage might, sadly, have to be legalized nationwide by a Supreme Court ruling just like Loving v. Virginia legalized interracial marriage.

  • There is no evidence against it

    Can someone explain to me why gay marriage is illegal? Please? Without citing a truth-less book? *cough THE BIBLE cough* There is nothing wrong with it. Even if you're religious and are against it, it will not hurt you in any way if gay marriage is legal. It is not unnatural, it is not a disorder, gay people deserve their rights.

    Legalizing gay marriage is not an attack on religion. Rather, illegalizing it is an attack on the secular state.

    Being gay is not a mental disorder. It is an aspect of a human. A person has no more control over their sexual orientation than they do over their race. There is no such thing as reparative therapy for gay people, unless "reparative therapy to make you straight" means "make the person feel bad about who they are and make them be someone they're not."

  • YES! Why should it matter?

    Why would it matter to anyone else who you love? Love is love. No matter what race, color, religion and lastly, gender. If you want to be homosexual, you go for it. Not going to bother me or I'm sure the guy next to me. I mean, honestly. Does it really bother people that much who others love? Don't give me that bible crap either like, "It's a lie!" and "God says we shouldn't" If we weren't supposed to, and God controls everything we do according to most people. Then wouldn't he make it so all people loved or liked the opposite sex?

  • Freedom of belief for all.

    It most definately should be legal. Gay couples have the same right as other couples. Only a bigot would say otherwise. Asking you to give us our rights implies that they are yours to give (I'm adressing the antigays crowd). Instead we must demand that our natural rights be respected.

  • Gay marriage means equality for all

    I see absolutely no reason why gay marriage is illegal. It doesn't hurt others, it's between two people, and they get to be happy with each other.

    Gay marriage won't lead to bestiality and incest. In fact, it has already been legal way before gay marriage was in the question.

    Keep religion out of this. The constitution has promoted separation of church and state. Our founding fathers even promoted this. I don't have anything against religion, but keep it out of the government and it shouldn't have a say in the debate for gay marriage. Remember when the U.S tried that with interracial marriage? Look at us now, interracial marriage is legal everywhere.

    Marriage isn't going to hurt hetero marriages. In fact, I think it could help marriages. Massachusetts has legalized gay marriage ten years ago in 2003 and they have the lowest divorce rates in the Nation. Almost all of the top 10 states with the highest divorce rates have strong views against gay-marriage.

  • Not doing so would be unconstitutional

    In the constitution it says that every US citizen has a right to "life, liberty, and the persuit of happiness". We the people, made the constitution so that every person in our beautiful country, could be free and equal and happy. If something makes you happy, as long as it doesn't infringe upon someone else's basic rights, you should be able to do it.

  • For the greater good of society.

    A conservative judge, Richard Posner, has advanced the opinion that laws cannot be taken by the letter, but the greater good of society must come first. And this may be the most rational, solid observation to ever come from a conservative pen.

    From a social standpoint marriage is an arrangement intended to benefit the members of the couple when one of them is gone, thus providing a monetary incentive to raise children as a couple. There is no mention of gender in there. Sure, you need both genders to participate to actually have offspring, but marriage per se is not needed to ensure reproduction: birth rates over the world have no correlation with marriage percentages.

    So what rational basis can we use to oppose same sex marriage? Do their components deserve the same legal protection as those of hetero couples? I can see no reason to say no. Does it drain resources from the rest of society? No, wealth redistribution happens between the members of the couple, who previously agreed to it. Prohibiting same sex marriage is guaranteed to cause unhappiness to those denied: allowing it cause at least temporary happiness -and then, the odds of a happy ending are no different than for a hetero couple.

  • It's their life not yours.

    Yes. Let them marry who they want to marry. They don't need your opinion on what kind of person or gender they marry. It's their life, not yours. Hence the reason why were not all the same. You have your own life to live, so stop bothering others who are happy with who they're with.

  • "America the Land of the Free" Isn't that what we go by?

    This is what I don't get. It's so absurd to say we're the 'Land of the Free' when we can't accept such a simple thing as Gay Marriage. Look. It's not gonna affect you in the long run so why do you care? Why does religion matter so much? I'm Catholic and I gotta say sometimes it feels like it's just words in a old book. It's not even written by God it's written by people who claim to have heard this from God. I'm probably gonna have a lot of Christians commenting on this just because of what I'm saying now but oh well. Life and Love matter; God made all his people equal. Everyone. If God didn't like homosexuals do you think they'd EXIST?? Come on. Keep Religion OUT OF THIS. I shall not make anymore comment about religion after this: The Constitution promotes the separation of church and state. Therefore religious standing shouldn't matter.

    What happens if one day your child comes home and says "Mom/Dad I'm gay. I'm in love with someone and I want to marry them but I CAN'T" Would you feel bad then? Would you? This is a living breathing child of your own telling you he/she is gay when you argued over religion during this. Really? Does it matter that much to you? Would you support your child? Like any other mother would? I know my parent would support me if I were to come home and say "Oh by the way I'm Gay" But ya know? People have other problems I guess....So yeah sorry for wasting your time if you read this but I just want yall to get this picture.


  • America is not a theocracy.

    Freedom to make your own choices is the basis that America was founded on. Even if you decide that you disagree with the idea of gay marriage, you should vote in it's favor. Why? Because this is America. Part of being a good American is doing your best to establish freedom for all people. Stripping away someone's rights (when those rights do not cause harm to others, or cause others to lose their rights) just because you disagree with them, either morally or because of whichever religion your practice, is very un-American behavior. People have the right to have their own beliefs, and the right to have those beliefs recognized. It may be against your religion, but there are other people in this country besides you. America is not a theocracy. When you go to vote you should not do it to promote only your beliefs, you should vote with respect to the idea that there other people out there trying to live their own way of life apart from yours, and that it's okay to be different.

  • Because it is a lie

    "Marriage equality" is a false argument. Heterosexual and homosexual unions are not "equal" by their very natures. Heterosexual unions produce life; homosexual unions are sterile. It is arguable that heterosexual monogamous relationships are optimal for human civilizations as well, and ought to be privileged. The special cases of sterile heterosexual couples are also just that - special cases. Recognizing them does not constitute the legal establishment of a falsehood, since they are capable of producing life by their nature, if not in a particular instance.

    This is separate from the issue of individual rights. The right of two gay individuals to live together, share property, grant each other legal and medical power of attorney, and even conduct public wedding ceremonies is not at stake in this debate. Nor, in fact, is their right to marry someone of the opposite sex (something that can and does happen). What is at stake is the legal recognition of "equality" between types of union, an equality that does not exist in nature and which is not, in my opinion, good for society. Therefore the individual states ought to retain their 10th amendment right to reject same-sex marriage laws.

  • It is an abomination in the eyes of God

    It doesn't matter what people say, this is not a secular nation, this is one nation under God. If it is stated in the Holy Scriptures that the Lord God created one man and one woman, then He did. If it states that only He joins man and woman in holy matrimony, than He does. Finally, if it states multiple times in multiple texts that the Lord God punishes the man who lays with a man as he does a woman, then He does. When it explicitly states in Scriptures across several faiths that our Almighty God, Father, and Creator designed marriage to be between a single natural man and woman, then the discussion of same-sex marriage legality is closed. As one nation under God, it is only right that our laws are subject to His laws. Homosexuals and all other sinners are the bane of American society, and all good people of faith must go on an evangelical crusade, turning these poor sinners from darkness to light. The Lord will accept them if they repent. However, if same-sex marriage is normalized and legalized, we will all surely be punished by Him. All homosexuals are damned to the fiery pits of Hell, and if this false, abomination of "marriage" is legal, we will all face His wrath. I only ask that you poor homosexual sinners repent immediately, lest your souls be cast in the lake of fire.

  • Its not right

    It goes against God and its not ethnically right. I disagree with people who who gay marriage is right, I'm not saying its not a right to a people but it shouldn't be so ingrained into the American society like it is now. What would be nice is if Gay right activist would respect Christian activists. Or just leave each other alone all together, instead of throwing insults at each other.

  • History repeating itself

    I do not support having same sex marriage legal in all states because I am weary of the fact that history could repeat itself. Several ancient societies/cities that fell to other countries or that were destroyed in war ended up having a history of supporting gays and gay marriage. These great places include ancient Greece, Rome, and Egypt. I am not against gays being out there and public ( I have several gay friends ) , but I do not believe that the view points of a minority should impact a whole country.

  • The 10th Amendment

    I am not here to take a religious or moral stance on the subject, but to simply point out what our Constitution says.

    "The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people."

    The majority of the Red States' populaces do not condone homosexuality, while it is the exact opposite in most Blue States. The federal government should not impose such petty matters as gay marriage on the entire nation if not all of the country wants it to be legal. The United States of America would be much better off and less radicalized if the government stayed out of people's business.

  • It doesn't make sense

    Same sex marriage is not right on many levels. If you are a Christian, then you read in the Bible that a man should never lay with another man and a woman should never lay with another woman. After telling this to a supporter of same sex marriage, they may come back and say, well people are sinners, we cant follow everything in the Bible. They are correct in saying this, but people are supposed to ask God to forgive them for their sins, not continuing to live in it everyday. If you are not a Christian and support then, all I have to say is that it is not morally right or correct. It does not work. If you get a man and a woman, you can get a baby. If you get a man and a man or a woman and a woman, you cannot produce anything. Most same sex marriage supporters then say, well then they can adopt a baby, so they will have a home and this will help all of the children in foster care. Wrong, it will help them physically, but not in the future. They are going to grow up not knowing what's right and will group in a sinful family. I rather a child be taken care of in foster care, then raised up in sin.

  • No no no way!

    Marriage is between a man and a woman and god. Not a man and a man. They can have their civil union and be happy with that. I'm tired of them cramming their homosexual desires down my throat. Every day in school i walk by pro gay marriage posters. I have expressed how I would like to hang up pro straight marriage and I got scolded. How fair is that?

  • It should be legal in no states.

    Same sex marriage isn't real as marriage is between a man and a woman , so no state should offer the legal benefits of marriage to people who aren't getting married but instead doing something that isn't real . You wouldn't let someone create a religion just to own a building(a church) that he doesn't have to pay taxes on would you?

  • Why should i support this rubbish while the bible is clear?

    What is the fruit of that kind of marriage no children no pleasure,Same sex marriage isn't real as marriage is between a man and a woman , so no state should offer the legal benefits of marriage to people who aren't getting married but instead doing something that isn't real . You wouldn't let someone create a religion just to own a building(a church) why are you supporting church,that he doesn't have to pay taxes on would you

  • Violates Marriage Definition

    I don't have anything against gay people. I think gays have every right to be together. But marriage has always been between a man and a women. That's just what marriage is, that's what it's defined as. So gays wanting to get married is like saying I want to go swimming, but I don't want to get wet. That's what swimming is, you get wet. Just like marriage, that's what marriage is, between a man and a women. So if the government wants to make a new form of marriage specifically for gay people, i would fully support that, as long as it doesn't have the title "marriage". I understand this sounds kinda biased and unnecessary, and even though gays getting married doesn't do any direct harm to others, it ends up changing a cultural event that has been the same for thousands of years, which could then lead to the destruction of our culture as a whole. The culture that built this country.

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