• Yes, same-sex marriage should be legal in Europe.

    I think same-sex marriage should be legal in Europe. I do not see any reason why something like same-sex marriage should be banned in Europe. If anything, Europe seems to be more tolerant of such matters. I think that if people want to get married, it shouldn't matter that they're both the same sex.

  • yes it should

    yes, i do think that it would be a good idea for them to make same sex marriage there. I am for same sex marriage in all places, and i do not judge others, so they do not need to judge me on whether or not i can own a gun.

  • Smae Sex Marraige should be legal everywhere

    What business is it of anyone on who marries who? Does it really impact your life that John Doe gets married to Joe Smith? I think people are just nosy and like to dictate to people how they should live. They always bring their kids into the subject. They think because their kids see same sex couples together that their kids are going to some how become automatically gay too. It does not work that way. Europe and the rest of the world should just make gay marriage legal and quit wasting people's time and money.

  • Every civiilized country should

    When the British colonized Africa, we taught them something about homosexuality that was wholly incorrect. Europe must now answer for its mistake by taking a stand against discrimination and legalizing same-sex marriage. First world countries are world leaders, and other countries will follow in their example and put an end to this violence.

  • Yes, I think same sex marriage should be legal in Europe.

    I think same sex marriage should be legalized globally, I think our society has evolved enough to the point where same-sex marriage is something that is acceptable and able to be married in a proper celebration. I think opponents of same-sex marriage are rapidly losing followers and people advocating same-sex marriage are making great strides.

  • Gays are retarded

    America’s already ruined by this don’t ruin the rest of the world by allowing these overly privileged attention seekers to be in Europe or any other country honestly why does everyone accept these people they’re like trans people searching for attention so that they will get what they want I’m ashamed to have been born in June because it’s “pride” month!!!!!!

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