• Yes it should

    If a man can marry a woman, why can't a man marry a man or a woman marry a woman? It makes no sense to forbid this. Why? For some religious injunctions? But no one should care about those, and you cannot impose your religious beliefs on others. Stop being bigoted.

  • It is up to people who they choose to love

    Why would it matter to you who the person that lives next door have in their love life? It's not up to you, but of course up to them, because we are all human beings and have the right to choose our own road. I don't care if GOD says that gays are wrong or whatever, GOD never actually stated that directly in the Bible
    The adoption of children is a completely different story. I am strongly against couples of the same sex to adopt children, due to one simple reason. It is unfair for a child to then become gay due to their parents influence

  • Of course it should.

    Why does it matter? Because a book said it does? No no no. Gay marriage does not effect my individual rights as a person and therefore it doesn't matter. It isn't my job to worry about who another person marries. If two men or two women want to be together, so be it. People are too caught up on the idea that "God" says it's wrong. In my opinion God is about as real as Zeus or Odin. The idea of "God" differs depending on where you are in the world. Why must America fall under the jurisdiction of the Christian god? Why must a being that has no physical say get to decide if people are happy?

  • Same sex marriage should be legal

    It is not right for other people to decide who should be allowed and who should not be allowed to marry. It is nobody's business except for the two people entering into the marriage. People who oppose same sex marriage are being judgmental and denying others their rights based on prejudice and homophobia. Why would we want to prevent two people who love each other from getting married. These marriages have no affect on anyone else's personal lives. They do no harm. If anything, it would be good for society to have more stable, loving families. People talk about the sanctity of marriage, yet divorce and unfaithfulness is rampant. Yet, theses things are not outlawed.

  • Fundamental Right

    Same sex marriage should be legal. The concept of "traditional" marriages that are strictly between a man and a woman is becoming a thing of the past as more and more people are coming to accept the fact that homosexuals, in order to be treated as equals, should be allowed the very benefits that straight couples enjoy. Several states already allow it, and that trend is only going to continue.

  • Yes, It should be legalized.

    Who am I to say two women can't marry? Two Men? or even Poly relationships? My personal views have nothing to do with this post. I have no right to tell someone who they can, or can't love and marry. It is not about me. Nobody is coming into my home and telling me what I must do. Who am I to go into your home, into your bedroom and tell you what you can or can't do. That being said, If those same people want to marry, so be it. If it's men, women, or poly, who am I to say they love any less than I do? Do I fully understand these relationships, not entirely, but I support their right to have them. Who are they hurting by the choices they make? Nobody. They pay their taxes, contribute to society as a whole, pay taxes, and get dressed the same as you and I. The path they choose is not always the easy one, why make it more of a challenge and say they can't legally declare their love for each other? I personally have a few wonderful friends of each combination mentioned above, and would attend their weddings in a heartbeat.

  • Yes. Those in the LGBT community who wish to marry should have the same rights to marry as heterosexuals.

    The issue of same-sex marriage legalization is a moral one only. It would have no negative effects on our economy or society. Those who don't agree with same sex marriage have a right to their opinion, but at the same time, legalizing same sex marriage would not effect those who disagree with it in any way.

  • The bible is against it; America is not a christian nation

    America claims to be a christian nation and only remember God when they want something from him or when something bad happens that is when they want to pray. But when it comes to following his laws and statutes it outdated or wrong, Yes Jesus did say dont judge but sin is sin and the bible is against homosexuality there is no gray area period. If America does legalize homosexuality they should stop calling themselves a christian nation and stop calling on God when a natural disaster occurs or when terrorism occurs. We should call on ourselves to answer us to help because clearly we are our own Gods. Bible verses against homosexuality: Leviticus 18 and 20, Ezekiel 16:49-50, Romans 1:26-27,Matthew 8:5-13 and Luke 7:1-10

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