• Same Sex Married should be legally recognized

    People are equal no matter what. People have the right to get married, with anyone they want, they are free to choose. As heterosexual can get married and they are respected, homosexual have also the right to get married and be respected. Let the people decide forthemselves, let them be free. SAME SEX MARRIAGE NEED TO BE LEGALLY RECONIGNEZED, LETS HELP THEM ACHIEVE THEIR DREAM OF MARRYING WHOEVER THEY ARE IN LOVE WITH. WE ARE ALL EQUAL.

  • Yes, because all love should be recognized.

    Any two people who are adults and who want to start a committed life together should be allowed to legally marry. That brings with it some benefits, of course, but it also brings with it some risks, and everyone who calls themselves married should be entitled and subject to both.

  • Same sex marriage doesn't define who a person is.

    Same sex marriages doesn’t define who a person is. A persons actions define who a person is. I strongly think that there is no reason for people to discriminate against man or woman, just because they want to marry someone that is the same sex as they are there is no reason to treat them any different than we would treat ourselves.

  • Yes.

    We need to stop discrimination against homosexuals. We are stripping them of the inalienable right of the pursuit of happiness. The only argument against gay marriage is religion and that's unfair to people who aren't religious. I saw someone say that STD's are a problem in gay men but do people have to be married to have sex?

  • As much as any other form.

    As there are already other questions asking about the legalization of same sex marriage, I assume that this question asks specifically about the recognition of marrital status between two persons of the same sex.
    If I were homosexual and had a partner to whom I was married for 20 years, were moving through another state and be denied the rights that such a thing entails should a relevant case come up, I would be personally insulted.

  • Love is Love

    Does it really matter who you spend your life with? When it comes to love, your heart and your soul belong to that person you have given it to. You can have common-law marriage, you can marry within your own family (in some states), you can marry more than one wife (again in some places), so why can't you marry the one person that has captivated you, regardless of sex. The time has come to recognize this as a valid right and so it should be recognized. Blacks were slaves and now they are free, women were housewives and now they can vote, gay couples are in love so let them get married.

  • Basic civil rights

    The "the bible says" arguments really need to be put the rest, when that's the only talking point against something then it's time to accept the concept. Civil unions do not provide the same rights as marriage, so arguments saying they're the same thing do not work. There are major financial and health benefits for married couples that civil unions do not get, so denying homosexuals the right to marry is very directly telling them that they are lesser citizens.

  • A Religious injustice.

    God says this is an abomination. Sodom and Gomorrah for this, we could be next. Marriage is a privilege not a right, this should not be abused. This is a religious injustice and we should not anger God. Besides gay people cant reproduce. God created us to be with man and woman

  • No

    I recognize that in this modern world homosexuality is accepted and considered personal choice. However this question is asking my opinion. I'm not going to try to stop anyone from getting married and having whatever benefits they want. However my personal opinion is that marriage is between a man and a woman. God created the family arrangement, and that's how he meant it.

  • No, same sex marriage should not be legally recognized

    Same sex marriage should not be legally recognized because in the sacred tradition of a family, there is only husband and wife, not wife and wife, or husband and husband. Also, although many people may think people should have equal rights, it remains important to defend our moral values and tradition.

  • No gay marriage

    I know that I am in the minority on believing this. And yes, I do believe that everything in the Bible is true, however, this is not my only reason for believing that homosexuality is wrong. There are so many physical and psychological reasons that same sex marriages should not be recognized. I don't think it is ok to accept something that is sinful to be seen as "right" just because the majority says so. Children involved in these relationships do suffer psychological effects. Also, the transmission of STD's among gay men is astounding. Do I think that being Homosexual is worse than other sins? Absolutely not. It is one more thing that our society is dealing with.

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