• It is the right thing to do

    Same-sex marriage helps many anxiety disorders, lowers divorce rates, stops the overpopulation, and lets more homeless kids find a loving family. Divorce rates lowered by over 21% in Massachusetts when it allowed same-sex marriage. Anxiety disorders dropped by over 80% when same-sex marriage was allowed. As you can see, same-sex marriage is good for not only lesbians, gays and bisexuals, it also helps the community and society.

  • Since the naysayers want to bring God into it...

    They claim same sex attraction is merely a "test" of an individual from God. My question is, why would God create a test out of one of the things we can't control??? Attraction. I don't remember popping out of the womb and deciding "I choose to like men!" (I'm a female.) Nope, just what I'm attracted to. I can't believe people really think that gay/ lesbian people would purposely choose a life filled with prejudice and endless judgment but ok. Marriages are more financial than sacred in the government's eyes anyway. Divorce rates all high psh stop pretending.

  • Yes it should be allowed

    Marriage before the rise of Catholicism & Christianity, was NOT defined as a man & woman. It was actually defined as people who love each other. Which is why pagans and in other countries like ancient Rome & Greece, same-sex marriages were allowed & so was the activity. Marriage was only defined as one man & one woman despite unnaturalness of it during the rise of the Catholic/Christian rise. Yes, one man, one woman is actually against nature; the "correct way" is polygamy according to nature. But just because something is nature doesn't mean it's good. You have to examine what it does. If gay marriage is legal what happens? Apocalypse didn't happen. Pigs aren't flying. Society is as good as it was before. No it will not create a sterile environment, how do we know? Because gay parents have heterosexual kids; just like heterosexual parents have gay kids. There's this idea that children need a mom and a dad in order to be a good family or whatever, but that's not true. Let me explain. A child can have a mom and a dad and it won't mean they'll be okay. A child an be so much better off with a single father or a single mother or two moms or two dads. A child doesn't NEED a mom and dad in order to be a good, happy, healthy family. They NEED and DESERVE to be loved unconditionally, made feel like they're smart/beautiful/important and encouraged by their parent(s) to be who they are. A child doesn't NEED anything really but love.

  • This isn't what our lord wanted.

    Gay marriage is gay, nobody likes it. You all pretend to like it but deep down on the inside where the all-powerful Jesus lives you know that it is a sin. Do you want to go to hell with Satan (Gaytan)? Of course you don't. If you want our country run by nazi, communist, homosexuals then go right ahead. Amen.

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