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  • No, they should not be banned.

    I believe that same-sex marriage should be left open to the states to decide in most cases, but I definitely do not agree that it should be banned everywhere. If the vast majority of people agree that they should be allowed to marry then I believe it should be allowed. I believe that soon their rights will be protected and it will be legal everywhere.

  • No, same-sex marriage should not be banned everywhere.

    I do not believe that same sex marriage should be banned everywhere. I think that people should be allowed to marry whoever they want regardless of their sex and genders. I think that there is nothing wrong with giving people the same benefits as other regardless of their sexuality even if it is rare.

  • No, same-sex marriage should not be banned everywhere.

    People should be allowed to do what they want to do, within the guidelines of what the majority of people believe is allowable. The US was split into states so that each could have its own rules that the federal government wouldn't infringe on. If the majority of the residents in a state deem gay marriage acceptable, then it should be allowed. If not, then the gay residents should move to a more accepting area.

  • What is wrong with loving someone of your own sex?

    In modern day, racism and equality between sex has been a big change, as now we mostly accept that all humans are the same. Therefore, why should we be told who we can love? We simply see it as not normal, yet for all we know this could have been what many people were like in ancient times. People also have the rights to control their own lives, so why limit them on such a pointless topic.

  • They should not be banned anywhere.

    Marriage is a universal right for all consenting adults. If two people are in love, and want to be married, then the government has no right to deny them their union. Homosexuals deserve to have their love validated by society, just as much as heterosexuals do. Anything less is a violation of their civil liberties.

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