• Well why should you care?

    Honestly, if you are not someone who is into the same sex, then stay out of it. It is not right to not let people feel affection for one another simply because it seems unnatural. For anyone who thinks that it is no okay, they need to think about how they would feel if they were told that they couldn't be with the person they loved because it seemed wrong.

    Also, personally I find that people who are attracted to the same sex, especially guys, make the best friends.

  • Queer couples have the right to be happy

    Same sex couples are also normal human beings with emotions and feelings. They have the right to be happy and spend their life with the person they love most. We shouldn't be the one to judge relationships who choose to have the same gender as their spouse. They should have the right to marry whoever they want without exceptions.

  • I believe they should be able to get married

    First off it their life not yours. They can choose who ever they want to spend their whole life with. No one told YOU who you should marry. Even if it's not legal to get married they would still date each other. I honestly believe that Gay people have confidence they date who they want even if people don't belive in the relationship. Some might say it not how God intended to be that might be true but God also made everybody with different personalitys.Everyone has opion but keep it to your self when it comes to other people life's.

  • Of course it should

    I find it funny, yet sad how some places in the US still don't allow it. To me, this isn't even a question. Any counter arguments to this are not viable, or are very stupid. While I am straight, i have family members who are homosexual, and they are as normal as could be, asides from the one small difference.

  • Nope. Well, in a way...

    I think that it should NOT be called MARRIAGE. It can have the same legal status, but not be actually called marriage. Marriage is traditionally a union between a man and a woman. Note the key three words there, MAN AND WOMAN. A same-sex LEGAL UNION is perfectly fine with me, but don't call it MARRIAGE. And that legal union could share exactly the same characteristics of a marriage, but not be one.

  • NO, it is SHAMEFUL

    Doing this is totally against what the Bible teaches and is totally shameful. Sodom and Gamora was destroyed for this behavior and today this "same sex marriage" is worse than ever before. I believe this is a mental illness and people should be put into a mental intuition to get help as it was in my parents day. JUST SHAMEFUL

  • Stop trying to redefine marriage

    Marriage is marriage. It is when one man and one women join together in matrimony. This is marriage. Family is the entire basis of society. Once you start to pester it the whole society crumbles. With same sex marriage, you deny a child either a mother or a father. A girl needs a mother who has shared her same experiences. The same goes for a boy with his father. They both need their mothers to be loved, nurtured, and cared for. Mothers also know what is best for the family, and their guidance makes the family. As for fathers they need to be an example to their sons. Without both father and mother, the children, our future, won't be brought up right. Think about the children! And same sex marriage is against the laws of nature.There are absolutely no grounds for considering homosexual unions to be in any way similar or even remotely analogous to God's plan for marriage and family... Marriage is holy, while homosexual acts go against the natural moral law.

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