Should same sex marriages continue to be legal?

Asked by: uroojkhan
  • One hundred percent

    Theses marriages are between two consenting adults, two people, any two people should have the right to be happy, in fact ibthink any number of people should be able to marry if every member ofnthe marriage is consenting, for example if my wife also wanted a wife or if i were to consent to her having another husband and vice versa, why shouldnt we? Any consenting number of adults have a right to be happy, simple as that, regardless of gender

  • They have rights

    I would like to state that i am a heterosexual atheist but i do believe homosexuals have the right to get married, they are born with that natural right as an american citizen and it should not be taken away because of who they love, if your going to argue against me don't use gay sex and the bible as reasons it is a book and not all gays are sexually active

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