Should Sammy Sosa have been elected into the MLB Hall of Fame?

  • Yes he should have been.

    Even though his past is more than just a little bit on the checkered side of things, what Sammy Sosa did while playing baseball for a living was very impressive. He should not be kept out of the Hall of Fame because of making a few mistakes in life along the way.

  • No way, I say.

    There is no way that Sammy Sosa should be allowed to become a member of the Major League Baseball Hall of Fame. He is a cheater and a drug abuser, and such a person has no place belonging in such a revered place. Someone much more deserving should go in his place.

  • No

    He cheated in more ways than one, and despite being in front of a mic during the home run race on a near nightly basis pulled a "me no speakie English" routine when being brought in to be questioned about it. Sammy was dirty and everybody knows he was, he shouldn't be dignified with making the Hall.

  • No, not if he actually cheated

    There are many allegations of cheating when it comes to Sammy Sosa, along with allegations of steroid use. If these things are true, then he should not be voted into the hall of fame. If there is no proof of these things, however, then he should remain where he is as a hall of famer. Proof is everything.

  • Sammy Should Not Be A Hall of Famer

    Sammy Sosa cheated and should not be elected into the baseball Hall of Fame. I applaud all of the voters who did not put his name on their ballots because he does not deserve that honor. Cheating the game should not be rewarded. I do not care how many home runs he hit. It would be wrong for him to be in Cooperstown.

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