• Samsung Is Already To Be Considered a Top Tier Company

    With the nothing more than their recent insurgence into the world of cell phones and tablets, Samsung is giving the so-called “big boys” a stiff and ever present challenge. My only concern would be, that before they actually are considered, across the board as a top tier company, one of the conglomerate giants will swoop in like the buzzards they are, and pull off the old hostile takeover. Until that point, Samsung is already a top tier company.

  • Yes, Samsung should be considered a top tier company.

    Samsung has proven time and time again that they have created devices and technology that rival that of the top tier companies such as Apple and Microsoft. Samsung has created great tablets such as the Galaxy Note as well as the Galaxy Tab that are both on par with Apple's products.

  • Yes, Samsung deserves to be considered a top tier company.

    Samsung is constantly at the lead in market share for shipments of cell phones worldwide. At various quarters they have outperformed Apple, Nokia, and LG. While the quality of their devices is sometimes lamentable, the fact that they are a serious competitor in the cell phone market, and thus a top tier company, is irrefutable.

  • Yes Samsung should be considered a top-tier company, its product mix says it all.

    You want to know if Samsung is top-tier? Just ask the people at Apple, Samsung has been eating the market share of Apple's iPhone family for the past two years. Samsung is offering compelling user interfaces on their new phones and more importantly better user experiences than the iPhone.

    Samsung is hiring top-notch people and challenging them to do exceptional work! Samsung sells a wider product line than Apple so they have lots more opportunities for real impact in the electronics marketplace.

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