• Why not?

    As long as it isn't frivolous and they're actually suing about something that's transpired during the 50 million lawsuits Apple has thrown at them the past year, sure. Apple is trying to wipe them off the planet, they have a right to fire a shot back as long as it's one with some validity.

  • I think that Samsung shouldn't sue Apple

    I think that Samsung shouldn't sue Apple, after all Samsung has copied too much off of Apple's technology. The technologies that are copied are the auto-correct, “slide to unlock" and other IOS Patents. Now Samsung has not only copied IOS patents, but also other smart phone company’s shape/form, and technology. In conclusion I think Samsung shouldn't sue apple smartphones.

  • No.

    Samsung is not Apple, and does not sue over frivolous things that they will most certainly lose. Instead, as someone below said, they should spend their time trying to change patent law so that ridiculous bylaws and loopholes that allow Apple to sue again and again over the stupidest things are gone.

  • No, Samsung should rally public support to change patent laws.

    No, Samsung should not sue Apple. Apple's patents seem air tight. Regardless how juvenile and unfair some of the Apple patents are, they are legal patents.

    Instead, Samsung should spend its time and resources on changing the patent system to stop frivolous patents.

    Samsung and other companies that have to pay patent trolls fee's for frivolous patents should itemize the troll fee's on their boxes listing the description of the troll patent and price. Public outcry will promote patent reform. For example, on the box for a Samsung tablet, a spreadsheet box should say 'the cost of this tablet is $100. Plus $75.00 troll patent fee to Apple for 'finger swipe', $50.00 to Microsoft for Window Media codecs, etc, etc. Total price $225.00.

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