Should San Francisco airport rename itself after Harvey Milk?

  • Change the name!

    Yes, the San Francisco airport should rename itself after Harvey Milk. It's time to honor figures from the LBGTQ community publicly and this would be a great way for San Francisco to honor not only Milk, but the city's longstanding reputation as a haven for the LBGTQ community.

    I understand that Milk wasn't very popular and had to run several times to be elected, but regardless of how long it took him to be elected he took a major step for the representation of the LBGTQ community and he paved the way for future generations. San Francisco should honor him for his actions.

  • Yes, airports are commonly named after people.

    Yes, San Francisco airport should rename itself after Harvey Milk. Airports are commonly named after people who have held public office. Whether or not Harvey Milk was gay has nothing to do with anything. He was an office holder, and was sadly assassinated. Only homophobes would object to such a thing.

  • I don't think so!

    Although,Harvey Milk was an openly gay politician and gay activist, he was also a contentious character, who supported the likes of Jim Jones and the 'Peoples Temple', where hundreds of gullible, innocent individuals were murdered. Here in the UK, Liverpool Airport was re-named after John Lennon, another highly contentious individual, who supported the legalization of various narcotics and evaded tax in the UK! The whole thing smacks of political hypocrisy and tokenism and is not representative of the state of California. Oh and by the way I'm gay!!

  • He just wasn't popular enough.

    Harvey Milk just wasn't popular enough. Although I do not have anything against gays or Milk, I feel that too few people in the Bay Area, much less the world know who he is. If SFO should be named after a person, it should be a person from the Bay Area who was well known, and known from all over the world, and caused a significant amount of good change throughout the world.

  • Just No

    It is clear this is being suggested as a way to honor someone from the LBGTQ community. This is not a good reason. If you name it for someone who happens to be from that community, fine, but this is politics. I have nothing against Milk but this is an airport serving the entire Bay Area community, and he was not a significant enough figure for the greater community.

  • Absolutely Not

    According to history Harvey Milk was not all that popular. He actually had to run three times and the only reason he was assassinated was because Dan White wanted his job back. If anything, why shouldn't it be named after the Mayor who was assassinated with him who held public office much longer then Harvey Milk. George Mascone also served as California State Senator.

  • The San Francisco airport should Not be renamed after Harvey Milk.

    Being openly gay or homosexual does not qualify an individual for greatness. Harvey Milk may have been assassinated because he held public office, but I do not think it qualifies him to have an airport named after him. The current trends in California and the United States would certainly favor an openly gay person; however, I think that while there may be a place for recognizing him, the airport should not be renamed after Milk.

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