• Yes, San Francisco should provide more help to the homeless.

    San Francisco is a large and very affluent city. Like many other areas, the city has a huge homeless population which hurts the quality of life for everyone that lives there. San Francisco is very affluent and has the means to do more to help its homeless community. Getting people off the streets and into housing will improve the quality of life for both the homeless population and the rest of the citizens.

  • Yes, homelessness is a concern for everyone

    While it is difficult to say how much help should be provided, it is necessary to provide a substantial amount of help to the homeless. The homeless are not a plight to be ignored or pushed to the side. Helping the homeless not only helps those who are suffering through homelessness but it also helps the city with cleanliness and crime. San Francisco being a pretty major tourist draw should be making it one of their top priorities to provide a clean, safe, and welcoming city for those who visit and those who live there.

  • Yes it should do more.

    I believe that the city of San Francisco can and should do more to help eradicate homelessness inside its city boundaries. As citizens of our communities we need to do what we can to help others in need. There are also other reasons to consider as well such as a cleaner and healthier city.

  • San Francisco should not provide more help to the homeless

    San Francisco should not provide more help to the homeless. The city already spends untold taxpayer dollars on an issue that is not getting any better. People are generally homeless by choice, usually the result of drug addiction. You cannot help someone who is not willing to help themselves. Spend the dollars elsewhere.

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