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  • Sandy hook was a hoax

    They tore it down to cover up the fact that it was a hoax. I'd be happy to debate this with anyone. There is overwhelming evidence that sandy hook didn't happen. For example the newtown bee published an article on December 13- 1 day before the massacre and it had an interview with dawn hochsprung the principle who was "killed" (if she even existed). There were tweets sent out on December 12- 2 days before the "shooting". There was a R.I.P Victoria soto" page set up in December 10-4 days before the "shooting" (it's been taken off Facebook but if you look it up on images it's there) also the "dead" kids sang at the Super Bowl. They aren't dead and their "families" are crisis actors. Go to veterans today.Com top ten reasons why sandy hook was an elaborate hoax.

  • Sandy Hook = Sandy Hoax. Tear down the whole site = COVER UP/Destroy any evidence.

    NO pictures of ANYONE dead, injured or bloody available ANYWHERE. No videos from security cams. No pics of any bullet casings, blood on the ground, damage in the walls. Plenty of crisis actors playing parents who are trying really hard to cry but they all have big smiles like they just won the lottery and/or are pushing gun control and their kid's donation fund site.

    ZERO quantifiable, visual evidence available to the public for review. Everything is 'because we say so". This story is no different then something you read in Mythology class.

  • It should not

    Why cshould it be torn down? It should be converted into a building that fights the type of crime commited there. Maybe a central agency for fighting domestic terrorism nationwide. It should definitly not be used as an elementry school anymore because of sad memories. If it is converted to fight crime, then it would remind all of the reason we fight for.

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