Should Sanskrit be the 'National Language' of India

  • Sanskrit is the mother of all Indian language, It's our culture and traditions pact into a Language!

    Sanskrit must be made as India's National Language. Normally we Indians have no Common National Language. (Only 2 Official Languages & 22 Diverse National Languages).

    1. Sanskrit and its Influence on All Modern Indian Languages:

    Sankskrit has roots with almost all Modern Languages of India (i. E Hindi, Gujarati, Marathi, Punjabi, Bengali, Assamese, Odia, Telugu, Tamizhl, Malayalam, Kannada), With the exception that East Indian Languages has its Variancies from Chinese and South East Asian Dialects.

    As a person from Tamil Origin, I can’t even avoid the fact that Modern Tamizhl which we Speak now on everyday basis has around 1200 Words that is Borrowed from Sanskrit. Only the age till the Classical Tamizhl (From 2nd Century B. C to 16th Century AD), Tamil Language was completely different from that of Sanskrit. For more info. Kindly click onto the below Article, For the information on Modern Tamizhl and its roots with Sanskrit,

    Other above Mentioned Languages has even more Sanskritized Words in use in Everyday life when Compared with Tamizhl. (i. E Telugu, Kannada & Malayalam)

    Hindi, Urdu, Gujarati, Marathi, Punjabi, Bengali, Assamese, Odia has more than 45% to 75% similar roots to Sanskrit.

    2. Oldest Language but Still Alive:

    When we observe all the Classical Languages of India, Only Tamizhl and Sankrit are way Ancient but still surviving languages. According to Official Govt. Statistics, Only around 42500 People in India know Sanskrit.

    Mattur, A village in Karnataka resident to 5000 people that uses only Sanskrit for Daily Communication. Likewise there are only 4 Villages speak our mother Language,

    3. Advantages of Learning Sanskrit:

    # Advantages:

    1. As mentioned above, Sanskrit has roots to all Modern North as well as the South Indian Languages, Understanding Sanskrit requires another Greatest Effort but not of a challenged one. (We can overcome these by inception of Sanskrit exposure from KG standards onwards at Schools)

    2. One can understand and learn any regional languages of North India very easily with the help of Fluent Sanskrit Knowledge. Learning South Indian languages requires another small effort.

    3. Prehistoric Sanskrit called the “Vedic Sanskrit” - Rig, Yajur, Sama, Adharvana Vedas has explained greatly and Factually all Greatest things needed for People Life - starting from Agriculture, Astrology, Alchemy, Astronomy, Engineering & Architecture, Art & Culture, Lifestyle and Expressions, Literature, Medicine (Ayurveda), Science, Yoga etc.

    5. If Sanskrit Language will be the National Language of India - Then it Serves for the Integration of India. And we can avoid English in the Future just like other countries has done. (like Israel - Hebrew, China - Mandarin, Indonesia, Vietnam etc. )
    We Can revive our Superpower India, By making Sanskrit the national language!
    Observing all these, We can endorse Sanskrit to be the Mother Language!
    Let us Resurrect this Ancient Language as the National Language of India!

  • English should be

    English is the language we all use and it is really useful. Allowing Sankrit to be the primary language of India will limit the opportunity of Indians getting a job they want, A dream they chased for since they were young. So no, I would like to be fluent in English rather than Sanskrit

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