• Fuck u santa

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  • Fuck u santa

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  • Its santa we love him the way he is

    Santa a is joyful figur he will give up on candy and it will make kids sad. Sfsadfw dgdf adfg fd g dfg fagdg fdgadf gfd gaf af ds gdfm gadf gandf gnafg adfng nds and nad and n angnfa ganfadfngangfnfanfm g a agf ga f a fg just for the
    words lol

  • He is Cute

    Santa is a cute and jolly figure. Without his fat he wouldn't eat our cookies, and drink the milk we leave for him. There wouldn't be candy canes because kids would think Santa wouldn't approve and give up candy. Some people might think of this being good but it takes away creativity from them!

  • Yes, he should be fat just like the average american kid

    As an icon for America, he should be just as fat as many americans are. Being aware of unhealthy eating and drinking habits would be un-american and therefore unrealistic. Let him enjoy his coke, hot chocolate and liquor. Let him eat and give away sugary treats and candy. It's tradition.

  • Yes he should

    I think he should be fat because that is how he traditionally was. You shouldn't Change how he looks just because of the world. He should be an example to express himself and don't listen to what others have to say. Because you are your own person. So all you obese people out there stay strong and don't listen to those haters because they are just jealous about how strong and beautiful you are.

  • Santa's image is already fixed in history.

    Size appreciation is traditionally a constantly evolving ideal. In past centuries (and still in some countries), being fat was viewed as a sign of good health. It would be very silly to thin down Santa Claus to reflect contemporary ideas about size when, in all likelihood, over time those opinions will likely evolve. There is also the question of once we beginning altering Santa, then what is to stop the alteration of other figures with whose appearance we're slightly dis-satisfied.

  • Yes, he is immortal

    He doesn't seem to have the power to lose weight, so I reckon that he should still be fat. Some people may not like it because of issues such as child obesity and much much more, but you can not change something you have no power over. To conclude, Yes.

  • Low weight does not always equal good health

    Being heavier does not make you more unhealthy and likewise being skinnier does not make you healthier. A person can eat only fattening foods and still be considered healthy as long as they get the nutrients they need. Some people are MORE healthy at a higher weight. It all is relevant to the person and how they are fit to be.

  • Yes, he's immortal.

    Being fat has bad health effects on people, but Santa seems to be an exception. Santa seems to be able to remain fat for hundreds of years and still do his job. That means he ought to eat all the brownies and drink all the Dr. Pepper he wants. There's no reason not to.

  • Santa shouldnt be slimmer

    Santa should not be skinny, as he will not fly through the sky. Is stomach has magical powers (that is why his stomach is so big), anencephaly he won't be able to you his stomach magic to fly. If he lost that he would just be a dead weight left on the ground and the reindeer would have their powers

    Santas should stay fat...

  • Santa’s size matters.

    He is viewed as a spirit of Christmas. It is not necessary for him to be overweight, what kind of message does that send? Why can’t he be thin? Why can’t he set a good example? That could be his gift to society. It is true Santa has always been seen as fat and jolly, but that does not mean he can’t change. A healthy Santa is a happy Santa.

  • Ofcourse not, he needs to go on a diet!

    1. He needs to set a better example
    2. He needs to be slim to fit through windows and cimneys
    3. It would be easier for his reindeer to carry a lighter Mr Claus
    4. He needs to make very quick escapes is someone was looking at him!

    Mr Claus should consider going on a diet!

  • Want is fat

    Santa is very v v. V v v. Vv. V vv v v vv v v. Vv. Vv v v v v v v. Vv. Vv v v v v v v v. V v v v v v v b b b b b b b b b b b b. B b b Fat FAT

  • Santa isnt real

    So he cant be fat. He is also a home intruder and should be arrested for going down peoples chimneys . And eating their cookies. Also his hat is gay.As a loving father i am going to chop off my chimneys to so he cant get in cause he is super mean

  • Gives kids a bad example

    Kids need healthy role models. Even though Santa is only a myth, he still is a very important role model in kids early life. He has an effect on kid's choices. If they see Santa - (no consequences to being overweight, because he has ived forever in their minds and wll always live forever) then they don't equate unhealthy eating with consequences -- you caneat bad and still live forever. Santa has a full, very productive life - there is no consequences to gorging on cookies and milk all year.

  • Why is it necessary?

    In the modern environment of rampant childhood obesity, why is it necessary that many children's favorite figures be fat? The important thing about him is that he delivers presents to children, whether or not he does it while sporting a giant stomach. A thinner Santa would provide a better role model for this generation's children.

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